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J.R. a part-timer user from USA writes:

Having learned studio operation in the pre-digital and pre-MIDI era, using the new tools is a two-edged sword. I love the ultimate control the devices give and the overwhealming library of sounds (I'm primarilly a musician that used to do a lot of overdub recording, playing jeys, guitars, bass, & drums). I love the fact that getting a good drum sound doesn't have to mean hours of mic placement... there are many drum machines and samples that do it for me (I use a TrapKat with several modules). But the downside for me, is learning curves.

I'm using Studio Vision Pro on a Power Mac (pre-G3) and I have Pro Tools Project. I also use ADAT equipment. What I'd like to know is if anyone knows of any really good tutorials on either video or CD-ROM for Studio Vision Pro. It seems like there's a great lack of straightforward, real world examples of use to explain the most needed features.

Before the MAC and Studio Vision Pro, I had an Atari ST with Hybrid Arts sequencer and it seemed much easier, though less powerful. If anyone knows of some good sources for video/CD-ROM tutorials on these sorts of devices, please post. Oh, by the way, I have the one Opcode sells, called "Beginners" Part 1 (apparently there's no part 2). It is slim on info, and most of what it covers is basically too elementary. I need more real world examples. As it is, I wade my way through these things, but much time is taken up that could be shaved off by well-put content on usage. Any ideas?

posted Sunday, 14-Nov-99 at 7:21
Unfortunately, Opcode is toast.

posted Tuesday, 19-Oct-99 at 21:40
Randy Chance a Professional user from US writes:
You said that you can get tons of tracks with Studio Vision Pro and a 400 Mhtz G3. Are you using a UATA drive, or a Wide SCSI 2? The SCSI's are so expensive, I'd love to think I wouldn't have to shell out all that bread for one, but I wish I knew just how much power you can get without one? Do you know the seek time on your drive? Also, how much RAM are you running? - Any feedback appreciated, - Randy

posted Wednesday, 13-Oct-99 at 21:11
Jason clubb a Professional user from USA writes:
Great sequencer! Not much eye candy as compared to cubase, etc..but that's okay..I want power and fuctionality..not graphics! I highly suggest anyone running a mac to use this..very stable...I run it on a Blue and white G3 400.. FLIES...I can run tons of tracks. Lots of efx, plug-ins etc, and with 4.5 giving Rewire and Improved can only get better...and if you pair it with protools...watchout! I would say it rates up with with Cubase VST/24 and the high end logic..with any of these can't go wrong! (I do lean to SVP however=)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 06-Sep-99 at 0:10
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