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heath from portland writes:
Just recieved the new reaktor3 for Mac and i am really impressed. the player and recorder allow you to play samples through using reaktor for effects. the recorder allows for hrd disk recording. the new ensambles with granular synthisis are well amazing...makes me crave a new 667mhz titanuim. the future is here. people who try to recreate the the past are destined become the past...or something like that. try out the demo

posted Tuesday, 23-Oct-01 at 23:50
David from canada writes:
gear debates are boring and usually unconstructive. some of the coolest musicians ive heard use instruments they made or that were never taken seriously. I think bontempis are cool. Dismissing soft synths and the like is pointless. they are here to stay and the internet is full of stories of hugely successful musicians that only use their computers. I say bring them on.

posted Tuesday, 23-Oct-01 at 13:53
Fredrik a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
please, stop comparing it's "sound" to old analogues, why would I want it to sound like something else when I can get it to sound like nothing else? a minimoog could never ever give you a sound spectrum as wide as reaktor's.. I've been using alot of hardware myself and I like it, but still it costs alot more than software.. and for those of you who gives reaktor a bad rating just because you don't like the soft-synth concept and also think it sucks because windows is unstable please give me a break.. if you lived in an area with really bad roads, would you then give a BMW M5 a bad rating aswell? ;)

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 20-Oct-01 at 22:36
midnite a part-timer user from uk writes:
Interesting seeing the split in opinion.To me it seems once again a purely aesthetic debate!The future's whatever u wannit to be.I love computers and I love that whole emulation thing AND I love REAL synths!!!to me it's the best of both worlds.Yeh these computer interfaces can really slow you down especially if badly layed out and I haven't come across an interface whether in soft or hardware that didn't suffer from that.But don't knock it, Reactor rocks and with all the post production available the skys the limit.Musics about seeing around corners and trying out new things and thats exactly what's happening now.When I first started out there wasn't any of this softsynth stuff around and no way could i have afforded the kind of sonic possibilities given by Reactor and the like.I could go on but u get my drift.Yeh I like Rktr & until virtual reality brain chips come out it's gonna take some beating.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 30-Aug-01 at 19:3
heath writes:
I have a nordmodular key and personally i think reaktor sounds better than my nord. the nord mod is just a computer(digital) as well, with a different way of computing. i won't argue, i am only stating facts, and my opinions on sound quality. ive had my nord for 2 years now. it has its own sound, i admit, and i love it, but...thats my opinion.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 26-Aug-01 at 15:45
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