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Esther a Professional user writes:
I guess it depends what standards you set your up against. Reaktor uses a computer which is only as good as its OS is (and we all know how good they get..) I think that if you are a serious musician you stay away from all those software synths. Just like Reaktor, they are just a bunch of toys. I'd rather use XP30 than Reaktor. I know, its a bad comparison, but still they are both supposed to be 'tone generators' and although Reaktor is probably the best softsynth, it just can't compete with a simplest 'real' synth. And I'm not even talking about emulation. Also the latency problem, well, it make me laugh when people say 'I achieve very little latency'. Hello! Do you hear yourself? You just admitted: it's OK to have latency, which is like saying, it's OK that I have a MIDI timing problem, but its not that bad! Give me a break! Problem is a problem, and any serious sound producer will not accept that he/she must live with a problem. Have you all every heard of Nord Modular? The concept is similar to Reaktor, but why do ya all think Clavia decided to create its own DSP device so that it's not depended on any OS? So before you buy are Reaktor, think again! Maybe its better to get a Nord or some other synth that is not a softsynth....

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Sunday, 26-Aug-01 at 0:41
heath from potland or writes:
i dont see the point of argueing. if you own reaktor you know what it can do. i agree with the idea of getting away from emulation, and getting back to innovation. with reaktor, a laptop and a good sequencer/sampler, you can reach your dreams in sound manipualtion. as laptops become more and more powerfull, the more instuments you will be able to run on one machine, the less you will need to trouble yourself with getting a bunch of incompatable equipment to work together. i can run reaktor on my g3 500 ibook w/out too much latency. so far, at least. i sample everything i do in reaktor, so that if i want i can resample those sounds in other applications like reason, or cubase. its all in your soul, not in the soul of the machine. if you want analogue, buy analogue. if you want a great sounding synth/drummachine/sampler, get reaktor.

posted Saturday, 25-Aug-01 at 23:23
a Professional user writes:
Yeah, but then you have to deal with latency and other crap that is specific to PC (drivers, and Windows/Mac crashes, etc). This is why I have all those softsynths, and I'd rather do "gear worship" than "pc/mac softsynth worship". All this virtual synth bull***t just doesn't turn me all at all and I'm not one of those old school musicians (I grew up on M1). So I still with real synths and samplers with knobs and other aspects of having a real synth in front of you. Reaktor and other the like softsynths, are just a cheap attempt to use your computer to do something that it wasn't really designed to do....peace!

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Saturday, 25-Aug-01 at 18:30
it seems to me that those who are detractors of reaktor are still caught up in the whole "gear worship" thing. i don't think reaktors strong point is vintage synth emulation...if you want a moog get a moog, if you want a synclav, get a synclav. this "how this compares to my 200 year old moog" mindset is very unconstructive. it may be more difficult, but put into the right hands, it can split atoms. take it for what it is, and you just might learn something.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 25-Aug-01 at 15:27
Mauser a part-timer user from UK writes:
Wow, R3 seems very fresh to me. Reawakened my interest in Noise, gimme back my sounds Carpet Crawlers. Cant say more than that, Jack.Recommended for those with ears and spinal cord. Im not a rich bitch so I cant be dealing with hard synths, but why is everyone so Anal? a dangerous repression =suck4$$$$$$$

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 20-Aug-01 at 12:7
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