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spaceCAKE from uk writes:
It is a pain to install, but it's very stable once you have done this, unless you begin to mess around with the front panel (which for normal op isn't necessary), if you leave it set to user preset its fine, I got mine on ebay for a ridiculously cheap price, probably due to some of the bad reports on here... if you know how to install devices correctly you can buy without fear (many don't as you can read).. it installs under sound, video and game controllers by default..

posted Wednesday, 25-Aug-04 at 8:6
seion a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I tried (and boy did I try!) to install my Midi Express XT Parallel on Dell GX200 running XP and 2000 (dual-boot) and no luck. I even reved the BIOS version to A02 and nothing. I believe it has to do with the controllers Dell chose to use and the BIOS code. But then I decide to install it on an IBM 300PL running 2000 with VIA chipsets and VOILA!, it works! Go figure! Also, I didn't like the fact that the drivers load under the SYSTEM DEVICES when using the Device Manager, so I changed all the INF files to read:

[Version] signature = "$CHICAGO$" Class = MEDIA ClassGUID = {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} Provider = %MOTU%

This will place the drivers under the SOUND, VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS section of the Device Manager, thus making it more logical (I wonder why MOTU didn't think of that). Hope this helps a bit.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 06-Aug-04 at 11:2
frame a Professional user writes:
after a lot of f*** words I managed install it under XP correctly, here is the procedure:

1) Set parallel port mode to SPP (standard) in BIOS

2) Mark "Use any interrupt" in XP Hardware devices panel for LPT1

3) Don't plug midiexpress to LPT yet

4) unpack XP 2.40 driver

5) Execute from driver dir InstallMOtuPar/SetupMotuPar.exe

6) Do reboot and plug midiexpress

7) Leave new hardware device uninstalled for now

8) Now execute Motu XP driver setup, install Motu midi driver and Clockworks

9) Do reboot and let XP install new hardware and find the driver automatically

That was what I did to get it work.

posted Wednesday, 14-Jul-04 at 6:0
a Professional user writes:
I use the MIDI express XT paralled port ver ion with WinXP Pro everyday of the week. Read the documentation closely and follw it exactly. There are some little minor changes that need to be done with your ports.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 18-Jun-04 at 8:26
DZ from writes:
I have used Express XT for many years. I have used Windows 98 without problems. Very good interface when it works. I have couple times tried Windows 2000 and it worked there too but never get worked with Windows XP. I have tried that many times and I also downloaded "XP compatible" drivers from homepage of MOTU but no... The problem COULD be I didn't update the XP, problem could also be the VIA chipset or .. or.. this is PC world. So I installed Windows 98 back and everything is working like charm and keep it until I buy another interface.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Friday, 18-Jun-04 at 0:54
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