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tiger style a Professional user from USA writes:
i have a question for any familiar user of the TMD-24...can it control Cakewalk Pro 9? i know it's like a gem for nuendo and all, and though i have both, i still use Cake-9 more. right now i record everything digital audio from my Beringer eurorack 2442a->to my TMD-1000-> to Cake via spdif. even if it can't, i'm still gonna replace my 1000 for the 24. be easy...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 26-Mar-02 at 0:34
raVen lynch a Professional user from USA writes:
forgot to score, data transmission upload now commencing...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 11-Mar-02 at 13:49
raVen lynch a Professional user from USA writes:
this board is highly recommended, especially for it's combination of I/O, cost, and audio quality...i would've expected it to be more like 4-5G street price for it's ability to handle what you need it to's definitely in the same class of much higher price consoles...since they released the first OS upgrade, it causes me no grief, so i can focus on making music, not dealing with equipment failures/ghosts/whatever! ~raVen~

posted Monday, 11-Mar-02 at 13:43
Peter a Professional user from Dutch writes:
Absolute a winner here !! A real "non digital" sound, with dynamic mic-preamps. The 01-V and 02R sounds flat and cool, the DM-24 sounds almost analog.... for this price; long faders, nice EQ, automatic's, lot's of in and outputs, simple to use, good online support, etc, etc. Give this board a try.

posted Friday, 01-Mar-02 at 10:54
John from USA writes:
I forgot to mention - when you take the board out of the is ready for up to 24-bit/96k digital audio work! No special cards or upgrades needed, this board is ready for your most intense sessions...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 23-Jan-02 at 2:26
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