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Ron Finnerty a part-timer user from usa writes:
I too bought the Q2 when it was first released. I also bought the Digitech S-disc reverb that allowed adding an additional S-disc processor but memory limit never changed. even with the 2nd s-disc the digitech did not havethe versatillity or the memory of the Q2. the Digi also made an audible glitch when changing programs via midi as the sound was fading and cutting off the tails when program changes were from the front panel. the update to the Q2 prom added nice distortion and other effects and increased user memory slots from 100 to 200. a good multi-effect not just a reverb. effects chaining is programmable and it has good midi implementation for realtimeor computer control. It may not have Lex reverbs and T.C. functions but you could buy 4 to 10 for the Lex or T.C cost and 4 to 10 anythings can be awesome for a small studio or live act.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Saturday, 18-Aug-01 at 23:56
Adam a part-timer user from Australia writes:
I like this unit, its easy to use. The reverb's, chrous, delay's etc are fine. I pretty much use it only with my synths, so in this context it covers all my needs.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Monday, 02-Jul-01 at 0:7
Nick a Professional user from UK writes:
You are right about plugins being perhaps more value. But do remember that You can't run plugins too effectively in real time on a live input. Nor can you take it to a gig.

posted Monday, 17-Jan-00 at 15:17
Alex Daniels from USA writes:
I've owned a Quadraverb 2 since they were 1st released over 5 years ago. I also have 2 other reverb units from the same era - a yamaha SPX-990 and a Digitech (can't remember model #, but it was the one with S-Disc, and was in the same price range as the Q2.)

Back when it was released, the Q2 was a reasonable reverb unit. And compared favorably with the Digitech and Yamaha. It sat in the middle ground of the market - not quite a Lexicon, but better than most budgets units (e.g. spx 90 mkII).

These days I'd recommend buying the Hyperprism suite of plugins from Arboretum instead of a Q2 (unless you *need* a hardware unit). The reverb on hyperprism is so much better than any of the hardware boxes I own that I'll never buy another one again.

By comparison (on lead vocals), the Q2's reverb is thick, heavy, dark and muddy. Hyperprism's is clean and dense, without cluttering up the mix with muddyness. It is truely stunning.

Here's an interesting little link:

I consider the Hyperprism reverb better than the TC Electronic reverb plugin's (based on personal listening tests). After all, TC still want to sell their price-inflated M5000's, so their plugin had better not sound as good as their hardware! - and believe me, it doesn't...

Back to the Q2... In short I think this unit has had it's day. For the price I paid for my Q2 new, I could buy the hyperprism suite with 30 different effects, and have plenty of change in my pocket. There are better options out there now, check them out.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Sunday, 16-Jan-00 at 22:5
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