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Roel a part-timer user from Netherlands writes:
Still only a Mac-softsynth. But luckily I have one and I must say that this is a remarkable softsynth. It combines complexity with simplicity. The results are very good, depending on what you want. I have looked for some time after an "EMS Synthi"-like softsynth with endless permutations in modulations and soundsculpting. CellSynth fits that bill nicely. You put modules on a grid which can work in four directions to other modules. You can mix modulations and soundsignals in both directions. Something like the eastern game "GO". Every time you set up a new grid with modules you make literally a new synthesizer. If you really want to know what modular synthesis is all about and don't have the money to buy a real one than CellSynth is second best. I even dare to say that this softsynth is in some ways better than a real EMS Synthi (I have one so I can tell from experience).

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 21-Oct-02 at 8:8
Roel a part-timer user from Netherlands writes:
Although I'm not familiar with lots of softsynths I can say about CellSynth that it is really good. The user-interface does the trick here. I have had my days with a nice EMS Synthi-AKS and can say that in terms of softsynthesis CellSynth comes very close from what you can expect of that machine. Same sort of feel in constructing sounds and modulations. CellSynth has a unique combination of complexity and simplicity. For years I didn't thought that was possible (emulating a sort of EMS Synthi) Wonderful feeling!

posted Sunday, 20-Oct-02 at 18:10
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