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lenti lenko from Australia writes:
Ive got a VS1880 on permanent loan from a friend which is nice!!!!

Ive used it for a couple of small projects and at 1st I really thought it was everything Id dream't about! However, what turned me off buying one instead of a mac and a Digidesign Digi001 system was not it's lack of features and excellent recording quality but it's annoying learning curve and the fact that you need to press so many different buttons to get anything done! Sorry but I couldn't do any serious waveform editing on this thing because frankly it's just too frustrating (and the VS isn't the only hardware recorder with this problem!).

The final icing on the cake that stopped me pulling out my chequebook was the spastic mixer channel arrangement which forces you to confuse yourself by pressing 'shift' for over half the mixer channels thus completely stuffing you up at the mixing stage- thankfully Roland have addressed this issue with the new VS1824 but Im sure people would appreciate a software update for the 1680 and 1880 that would give us the same logical track arrangement! PLEASE ROLAND??????

It seems as though Im bagging this unit- well if I hated it I wouldn't have one sitting in my studio!!!!! It makes a fine location recorder (I used it tonight for some radio work!) and I must say that the effects are absolutely awesome especially with both fx cards added (my unit has 1 card). These are some of the best fx you will hear anywhere and I mean 'anywhere'!

The user interface is tricky to navigate but you can get used to it. It does frustrate me that there is no real time pan or eq controls unlike the Yamaha AW4416 or Akai DPS16.

The CD option is a total ripoff Roland!!!!!!!!! And yeah Japan should really pass the death penalty for those morons who write your manuals!!!!!! THe VS1880 manual is a heap of SHIT!!!!! Sorry to sound like this but people are sick and tired of crappy Roland manuals so much so that Ive heard of people not buying any more Roland products because of this reason!!!!! REALLY!!!!

I suppose I have a real love/hate relationship with the VS1880. I feel Roland have fixed up one of the VS's major flaws in the new and improved CDR equipped VS1824- namely the track/mixer arrangement. However they could have done so much more!!!!!! But then I suppose Roland are thinking business and it might cause sales of the mega VS2480 to suffer!!!!!!!?????????/

Personally I believe the Akai DPS16 is a much easier unit to operate. Same applies for the Korg D1600. Both these units also supply us with extra DSP functions such as track normalizing and reverse which is nice.

However fact remains that the Roland VS units are the best known and best supported units of this kind.

As you can see, I wouldn't buy the VS1880. But it's sure nice to have one on loan- THANKS GRANT!!!!!!:).

posted Friday, 11-Jan-02 at 8:26
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