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nino a hobbyist user from London writes:
To Brian from USA, i've only seen this forum post you made because i've just got a ddx 3216 that i didn't pay for AND wasn't stolen! And also to say that 'some guy called David Mellor' was a lecturer on the topic of midi and PA sound engineering, (city and guilds 1820 was the name of the course)in the city of westminster college at paddington green, west central london, in 1996, and i attended his lectures - the man knows his onions, no doubt. Cheers!

posted Saturday, 26-Dec-09 at 20:39
kirk a part-timer user from usa writes:
BEHRINGER...REVIEW. I am getting so pi**ed off about reading reviews of any Behringer gear that starts off like, ( I did not expect this good of quality) or expect this to be so rugged or expect this to work so well.Bla-Bla-Bla. All the Behringer stuff I have does a great job of doing what I expected it to do,and saved me a bunch of money. So please stop with the useless derogatory preambles and just rate the gear on it`s merits.Oh ya ..and do expect it because you`ll get it.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 04-Dec-09 at 8:59
Bud Martin a Professional user from us writes:
I bought my DDX3216 in 2004. It has been in the shop twice, but I use it extensively. I have a pair of high end A/D converters I use for independent tracking and also an outboard mic pre,etc.

The onboard pre's and converters are only so-so, but that's isn't an issue for me since any full band type tracking I do is in a pro studio that has a great console and pre amps,etc.

I use my DDX3216 with a Alesis HD24. With the adat cards,it allows for 24 tracks of playback, all in the digital domain, and still leaves 8 channnels for out board effects.

The other small digital consoles only provide for 16 tracks of digital playback,etc.

I just hope I can continue to get it serviced in the future since they no longer manufacture them

The unit is unparalleled in features and is a just the ticket for doing serious mixing, out of the studio and still achieve uncompromised results.

posted Thursday, 29-Oct-09 at 2:34
jocks a hobbyist user from sweden writes:
ok, so I'm back here to tell you about my ddx3216 issues: 12 capacitors inside PSU were more or less blown. bad ventilation was causing it. I replaced them and added an extra 40mm fan on top of the PSU. it's noisy but much cooler now. blown capacitors send out voltage spikes that digital circuit can't handle well. it's been working now for 3 month. keep your fingers crossed! ;-)

posted Wednesday, 26-Aug-09 at 13:58
jocks a hobbyist user from sweden writes:
Hi, I opened my ddx3216 after several boot errors now and then. I gently removed the glue from the larger PSU socket cables on main board on bottom plate under main fader and checked the voltage with a multimeter. I showed the right values according to the printed values on the board. I then removed the glue and pulled off the socket on the larger PSU cables. One by one I pulled the socket up and down a few times before firmly put them back. I have read that these power socket cables or the PSU unit are known to cause boot errors. that's why I measured the voltage as a first test.I'll be back if this won't solve my problems. /jocks

posted Saturday, 28-Mar-09 at 8:14
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