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Rolf Götz a Professional user from Deutschland writes:
The feature-per-buck rate is unparalleled. I use the DDX mainly for doing live gigs with a rock-band of 5. For larger gigs with, say, 8 mics for the drums there are not enough mic-inputs; but of course I knew that before I bought it. For all but the larger gigs I have every thing I need in one compact box: parametric EQ, compressors, EQ for the FOH sum, EQ for every single monitor, FX that I find are good enough for live sound.

What I like is the possibility to do 'new york' compression with the second fader layer working as a copy of the first.

I would like to see some button for tapping the song tempo, adjusting the delays.

The only drawback is a nasty drop-out on all outputs now and then. I cannot re-produce it if I want. Somehow I feel maybe it has to do with compressor use, but I'm not shure.

After having the mixer sent back, Behringer support said they couldn't find any malfunction :-(. However, the dropouts are still there, I'd say every 4th running hour on average. Very frustrating.

A couple of days ago I used a Yamaha 01V96 for the same live situation. I had trouble accommodating to it, because it uses the faders not only for volume on input channels and so on, but also for FX sends and AUX sends. The DDX uses extra potis for that (the 01V does not have these).

After all. I have heard better sounding boards (in the analogue domain), but again, this mixer is really good considering the price of under 1kU$.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Sunday, 25-Jun-06 at 4:48
Brian from USA writes:
Can't give it a 10, only because I've had it for one week, and haven't used it on the road yet.

I Can't rate it any lower than a 9 because of the following.

I hate the "CAN'T" do stuff posts I keep reading.

Aside from all of the things the DDX "CAN" do.

The fact that a guy named David Mellor rates the DDX3216 @ 100% in comparrison to Tascam DM3200 @ 91% and Yamaha 01V96 V2 @ 83%

The fact that after one week, I've been able to make the DDX do the things I've read that it "CAN'T" do (Post Fader Metering, Send Effects to the 4 AUX outs)

And the fact that I was able to purchace the DDX new for $650 and the ADAT module for $99 in comparrison to $2,200 for an 01V and $430 for it's ADAT module

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 27-Jan-06 at 11:51
James Clark a Professional user from UK writes:
got one of these a few days ago to replace a much loved by hardly used Mackie SR32-4 desk, i needed 16-bus and ADAT output. It's a great little (very little) desk, works well, internal fx are a little naff, but work, routing architecture is flexible and works well for me. need ADAT option and a suitable ADAT interface for PC or ADAT recorder to make full use of the 16 bus functions. happy with the unit for the moment. Works great as a live desk too, and for sound re-enforcement for theatre etc as the memories are VERY useful!

posted Monday, 19-Dec-05 at 8:16
Renegade Project a part-timer user from USA writes:
Due to the new price drops this has become one of the best bargains in the USA for price/quality/performance.I got one with the adat expansion so did another producer friend of mine and we are very happy with the sonic quality and flexibility...if you have been hesitating to buy the time is now you will regret it if you do not act on it!!! BELIEVE THAT

posted Saturday, 05-Feb-05 at 20:21
Clyde a hobbyist user from RSA writes:
Excellent value for money. My only pain is the MIDI implementation when using sequencers like Cubase SX. The faders are 'hardwired' to specific chanels which limits one to assigning certain chanells for SX and the rest for actual audio.

Made the suggestion to Behringer to improve or update this functionality - we'll see..?

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 24-Jul-04 at 15:10
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