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matt a part-timer user from USA writes:
I am considering the purchase of the DDX3216...I am wondering...If I get the ADAT card, can I run that directly to an ADAT PCI card on my computer?? I've been conversing with a sales person about this, and they are convinced that I would need a breakout box...any input would be greatly appreciated!!

posted Wednesday, 12-Feb-03 at 0:39
Dean a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Since this mixer was introduced other manufacturers have reduced their prices to try and compete. Now, this mixer is available for $1300! At this price, it is simply amazing! Some of the posts about problems must be malfunctions or they have been fixed with ver 1.09 of the firmware. However, I do have a few complaints. My first complaint is that I have sent several emails to Behringer support and have gotten no response. So, it seems support is terrible. #2: As already posted, I am dissapointed that the meters can only display input levels (pre fader) and cannot be configured to show output levels (post fader) - this sucks! #3: Behringers info states that a forum would be set up for the DDX3216, where is it? #4: Make sure you have plenty of pre-roll for your automation start point because automation takes a second or two to lock with time code. Not a big problem. #5 I realize that 3216 means 32 inputs and 16 busses, however: the output patching is severly limited by the output group design. Behringer provided 2 output groups and a "master" type group for a total of 3 8 channel groups available for output routing. But, I installed 2 ADAT 16 channel modules... a waste for outputs!!!Even with 2 ADAT modules, you cannot route anything but the output groups (16 channels) and the master group (8 channels with 4 the same as the assignable anaolg outs, 2 master and 2 solo) to the outputs. Forget any output setups like direct 1-32 or even direct 1-16 on module 1 and buss 1-16 on module 2 - no can do. The output routing really needs to be able to assign any signal (ok, pairs would be acceptable) to any output including direct 1-32, buss 1-16, fx and aux sends and returns, master, solo, etc. Behrigner could do this by having 4 output groups instead of 2. This restriction may be a problem with other digital mixers in this price range - in fact they may not even have the number of signals to choose from... I do not know? I do know that if this was addressed and the meters were assignable to post fader, I would be extremely happy with this mixer.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 27-Jan-03 at 20:51
Glenn a part-timer user from USA writes:
I exchanged my Houston for a Berhinger DDX3216 since I needed a mixer as well as a controller. I found out that on the DDX3216, you can use channels 1-16 as a midi only fader layer, and use channels 17-32 for inputs. I pretty much agree with everything SOS stated in their review of the product.

The Houston or Mackie can control Cubase/ Nuendo easier than the DDX. You also have your display that tells you what is on each track which is nice. But as Electronic Musican's review of the DDX3216 said,

"The DDX3216 has a potential 32 simultaneously available inputs, 4 internal effects processors, full dynamic and snapshot automation, and a total of 17 ALPS 100 mm motorized faders? That's not enough? Then what if I threw in a total of 6 D/A converters, 12 mic/line inputs and 4 line inputs, and parametric EQ and dynamics on every channel? What, you want more? Okay, how about 16-stage LED meters next to each fader and 17 Channel Control lighted rotary encoders?

The DDX3216 is that kind of product. It's not that those features are revolutionary — it's that you get them all on a mixer that costs less than $2,000. The features just keep piling up: 24-bit conversion, SMPTE time-code input, MIDI Time Code (MTC) input and output (the unit can generate MTC), word-clock in and out, and even a PC Card slot for storing settings and mixes. Clearly, Behringer has done a championship job in the features-per-dollar category (actually, make that features-per-euro — the company is German)."

All that in the same price range of a Controller. I paid just over $1,000 for mine. Some may not need a digital board, and just want a controller. But I just wanted to let eveyone know what you can get for the same price. The other thing is I have 16 faders to work with, not 8. With a Mackie you would have to spend another $800 for an expansion unit making it much more costly than the DDX3216.

I had not been to impressed with Behringer in the past. But with the DDX3216, and MX3242X decks, both which I have used, my feelings about the company has changed. Sound on Sound also gave good reviews on both.

So far I have been able to get the DDX3216 to control in Cubase SX, the faders, pan, eq, send effect levels, and groups. Other DDX owners also have the transport working as well. I will be working on adding more features in the midi map in next couple of weeks. The DDX rocks!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 01-Jan-03 at 15:27
Byg-D from usa writes:
I have owned this mixer for a year now, and I love it. I am about to purchase another one this week to add to my studio. I have not tried to record a grand piano or symphony. However I have been using this unit with a lot of out board gear. Making dance music and hip hop! The sound is clean,crisp with a lot of features for the buck. Suggest trying one out to see for yourself. Now if they only mad a seperate set of stereo aux returns and a analog card then I would rate this mixer a 10 but for now I will say a 8.

posted Thursday, 28-Nov-02 at 5:16
jp a part-timer user from spain writes:
i can´t understand why people talk rubbish about behringer new digital mixer, i try a yamaha 01, and a tascam, all i can say about ddx3216 is that works perfect, clear and clean preamps, good fx, nice Eq, a lots of features that you cant find on that range of price, is a behringer and some people hate it just for name, so if u want one, try it first, and then go and check out other brands you cant beat that price, ok if you want you can get a mackie stick to put it on behringer logo, happy now?

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 28-Oct-02 at 9:40
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