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Warren from USA writes:
The compression problem is apparently inherent in digital mixers in this price range. I have experienced this with a Tascam DM24 also, although it was controllable with the Tascam. I only had compression distortion on the DDX3216 on a piano track I recorded, not on kick, snare, acoustic guitars, bass, vocals, etc. I figure the DDX3216 just could not handle the wide frequency range of this big Steinway grand piano. Anyway, after comparing the DM24 and the DDX3216, the one thing I have to report is that the DDX3216 is SO MUCH EASIER TO USE! The DM24 is dependent on the LCD screen much more than the Behringer DDX3216. The Behringer, if it fits your bill on the capability level, is a far better buy than the DM24 in my opinion. As far as the motorized faders (and I'm not knowledgeable about this), the Tascam uses little pullies and wires to glide them up and down. I believe (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the ALPS faders in the Behringer are moved by magnets? The Behringer faders are much more responsive, keeping perfect sync with the recorded movements. The Tascam tends to move slower and plays catch up sometimes, although the audio reportedly moves in perfect sync (the faders just have to think a little). The Behringer faders again tend to fight you a little when recording automated dynamic mixdowns, but that's because they're not touch sensitive like the DM24. Anyway, hope this helps. I'm definitely sticking with the Behringer and returning the DM24! Hope this helps someone, I wish there were good forums for the DDX3216 on the net.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 10-Jul-02 at 23:11
doug a Professional user from USA writes:
I've had the DDX3216 for 4 days. It's a great thing for the money. I spent a lot of time comparing it to the Tascam DM24, which is about $600 more. The Behringer has a sweeter, prettier sound, is much easier to use, better EQ. The compressors on the Tascam might be better, but it's close. ONE THING I DON'T LIKE: The DDX3216 has a cooling fan. This might not be a problem for you computer guys, but fan noise in the studio ruins it for me. The DM24 is silent. Other DM24 advantages: more "professional" looking (If you have clients coming over), and it will allow 96K recording. Even so, I'm going to investigate getting a modification on the DDX3216 to make the fan speed variable, even if it voids the warranty. It's worth the hassle, this is a great board.

posted Friday, 05-Jul-02 at 9:38
Warren a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Just to inform you, I am having a few problems with my DDX3216. The mixer is distorting when I use the effects and compression right now, I'm going back and forth with Behringer and the store I bought it at. Behringer so far has said that I may have a defective processor. I only wanted to add this so you would know I'm not just having a perfect experience here. If this is not a common problem, it's still a cool mixer with a lot of features.

posted Wednesday, 22-May-02 at 21:29
Warren a hobbyist user from SC, USA writes:
I have owned a DDX3216 with the ADAT card for about 3 weeks now, and have had a mostly good experience with this mixer. It's very clean, the pre-amps really are invisible like Behringer states. The effects are of a good quality. The compressors are digital, and I'm not used to their transparency. I haven't really formed an opinion on the compression yet because it's just so different from what I'm used to. The automation works well, there is a slight delay at the start to catch up with my machine's MIDI code. The faders are a little glitchy when recording automated mixdowns, they tend to fight you for about 1/2 a second when you initially try to move them. For the money, this is a great mixer. I think any project studio or hobbyist like myself would enjoy having this as their main mixer (if you only need 16 analog inputs). If you have not purchased your flash memory yet, don't go big; the 32MB card I bought will store about 11,300 automated dynamic mix / songs based on my calculations! 8MB would probably be more than you'd need until about the year 3002 or so. The only thing I noticed about the stereo field (was mentioned in an earlier post) is that working your way over from a hard pan is not gradual enough at the start (move it a hair off hard pan and your other channel will light up way too loud, too quick) but should not be a huge problem. I am using this board with a Fostex D160 16 track recorder with ADAT light pipe (Musician's Friend had on sale for $699!) and everything is clean clean clean. Using this mixer truly is as easy as learning an analog board, this is my first project studio in 6 years and I pretty much grasped it in the first 2 days of playing around. You will find that the automated faders are really a necessary addition of Behringer's since it is a 32 bus mixer and must use only 16 faders to control them all. The automated mixdowns are a dream come true to a guy like me who can't afford to sink more than about $5k into his whole setup. I am not a professional, just a guy who knows how to get a good sound. I have not run any tests on the board, but my ears tell me this sucker's a winner for the price...and then some. You can email me with any questions with the subject "DDX3216" and I'd be happy to discuss anything about this mixer. Warren

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Mar-02 at 23:1
Jake a Professional user from USA writes:
I disagree. This board is very intuitive and easy to use, but I am not at all happy with it.

The converters are fine, but the stereo field is not very wide. Furthermore, the meters cannot be set to monitor the channel outputs (only the channel inputs), and when I called Behringer, they didn't even understand why I would want to meter the channel outputs! I also am getting digital noise on channels that don't even have inputs in them - and cannot be muted!

I too bought it for $1499 @ Guitar Center - it seemed too good to be true next to the Tascam DM-24. I guess you get what you pay for. I am not impressed and am going to take it back.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Monday, 11-Mar-02 at 22:57
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