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Clint a Professional user from Canada writes:
It's December 2008, I got this board sometime in 2005. I've been using it almost daily since then. Great board. I barely use the onboard A/D anymore but as a great central hub for studio monitoring and whatnot, it's great!

I've taken it live about 7 or 8 times averaging 16-22 channels. Having compression, gates and parametric eq's on every channel is amazing, I don't have to worry about carrying racks of gear (although having a rack full of dbx compression would be quite nice). Dialing up sounds is quick, I've got some "preset" sounds dialed up and stored in the library so you can always recall that favourite kick sound, or vocal sound or mix everytime your artist comes in. The 4 FX units sound pretty decent (although 2 of them are scaled down). For the price, what more could you ask for? If you hate the mic pre's or convertors, just go outboard.

This thing even does surround mixes! How crazy is that? I've toyed around with it a few times, but it's not really something I'll use much.

Mind you, there have been times where it's gone psyco after loosing digital sync, but that might be a 1 in 25 chance, usually while i'm messing around with digital connections.


Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 04-Dec-08 at 10:40
peter tattle a Professional user from uk writes:
Got one 2 weeks ago and all I can say is WOW! It compares well to my panasonic da7! I don't understand the negative comments THIS IS A FANTASTIC DESK low noise mic pre's great fx, good build quality, great routing, just read the manual it's all very easy unless you are a complete which case why do you want a pro desk?

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 02-Dec-08 at 7:59
Mike a part-timer user from South Africa writes:
hi there ! i hav da ddx 3216 n da adat 1616 card. I cant set up 16 cahannel from the desk to sonar. I hav checked all the setting on the desk as well as the software. Can u help ?

posted Friday, 28-Nov-08 at 9:9
Mikkel a part-timer user from Denmark writes:
To me the main problem with the Behringer DDX3216 is that Behringer somehow has sophisticated the art of making things that don't last. Indeed it is a bargain based own a price/feature ratio, but from my own experince having owned two of these units, the inside of the machine is made of components of which at least one will malfunction within 1/2 a year to 2 years if you use it dayly. And don't expect the first unit you will recieve to work properly. If this is acceptable to you, go buy it. Personally I like things that work well for a long time with a minimum of maintenance, so I'm neither going to have my now second defect unit repaired nor replaced. I do think there is a reason why Behringer can make things so incredibly cheap.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Saturday, 08-Dec-07 at 18:2
Ed from England writes:
I hate this desk - Behringer DDX3216. It's been nothing but trouble since day 1. The first one was DOA and the second has such terrible fan noise, it's embarrassing to have clients around. Bad converters (to the guy from Guitar Centre - are you deaf?) cheapy construction. If it looks too good to be true - it is too good to be true. In the end I bought some active JBL monitors (with remote control) and RME Fireface 800 soundcard. I don't have a desk anymore. Don't need one. Berhinringer DDX3216 just sits there. I might set fire to it for fun. Fire wood has more value.

posted Friday, 05-Oct-07 at 9:21
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