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Petersen,Paul a part-timer user from USA writes:
After using all the 'Twelve Tone System' and Cakewalk 'Pro Audio'generations , I still belived I would never leave my IQS application when it came to woking with audio. Sonar has changed that . What a blast working with one software for projects involving MIDI and audio . Using a PIII700,and 200 megs of RAM,32 meg video card , SCSI drive,Win98 SE, original Frontier Wavecenter IO , bullet proof MQX32m sync cards; track after track of bass guitar,drums, vocal, guitar , midi samplers and synths without a hiccup. Can't say enough good about it . I like the processing tools that were included , and see how the more you use , the bigger the demand on the CPU. The mouse can be a challange when selecting a function. The bigger the monitor , the better . I am still learning the audio portion , but I find the SAW app is still much quicker to use . Sonar has come a long way in this department, and I look forward to the future enhancements in their audio management. Great product

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 24-Feb-02 at 8:6
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