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Vince a hobbyist user from Texas writes:
I just bought EZBus. Pretty powerful. Pretty fiddley to get going though. Had to upgrade PC to XP. Now its working though. I'm using it with SonarXL 2.0.

Went with EZbus over a Tascam 428 just so I could spend an extra $300. :) Actually was due to fact that it is a "jack of all trades" with multiple inputs, jacks, phantom power for mics, adat, more faders etc.

Event apparently is run by some guys from Alesis. So I figured they knew what they are doing. Except in the marketing and support area. They need much better web support. Some things on their web page just don't make any sense. THey threw the ASIO driver out there but don't say why I need it.

And I've spent the entire week getting EZBus up and also searching the net to find discussion forums with info. Not much out there yet. Yeah, its a recent first product but for $700 I don't want to get stuck with an unsupported rig. Somewhere I read a comment/rumour that Event was abandoning this.

Does anyone out there know if they are discontinuing this product?

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 17-Apr-02 at 22:20
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