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Patrick Vaillancourt a part-timer user from USA writes:
First of all, RME products are rock solid (o'kay, at least the multiface and pci card combo are rock solid). I have owned the multiface for three years and cannot speak highly enough about it's quality and ease of use with all the applications I use (max/msp, logic, peak, itunes, blah blah). My reason for writing now is to comment on the customer support. I recently had trouble with the 1.6c driver (at least I thought this was the problem) and contacted (support rep in the US). He guided me through a long process of discerning the problem, which in the end amounted to a faulty firewire cable. Anyway, as it turns out the multiface continues to operate flawlessly, not to mention the customer support is outstanding. If you're thinking of an audio card solution consider RME, it's well worth the price, it's reliable, and the customer support will be there when you need 'em. Just be sure not to lose your receipt, it's necessary if you ever have an issue, which seems an unlikely case with RME.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 08-Dec-05 at 20:36
UW a hobbyist user from USA writes:
KILLER and worth every penny. I use it with a DDX3216 + ADAT expansion, and it works like one big unit. It's an interface that functions like it's not even there...just pure audio in, and pure audio out.

No driver issues, noe crackles, very low latencies.

Best in class. If you can afford it, get one!


posted Friday, 01-Aug-03 at 2:41
R_Herrero from Indonesia writes:
9652 is Really piece of brilliant soundcard.. if u got digital mixer like yamaha 02R,03D this soundcard is made for u, connect to the computer through adat lightpipe u got 8 track recording.. beats the crap out than buying alesis adat xt machine!! i've got this card for 9 months, & so far no bitching and whining about it.. no latency, no glitch pop crackles very stable rock solid driver. nothing but praise about this card. they coming out with new one hamerfal hdsp 9652 so the price ought to be decreasing.. highly recommend this card if u have a digital mixer, stick with shitblaster till u can buy this card.. cheers

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 09-May-03 at 4:41
Vanilla Ice a Professional user writes:
Yes this soundcard is really awesome.. I got the Nuendo 9652 which is basically the same product of hammer 9652, hook it up to my digital mixer through adat 8 channel connections to my kick ass pc bust some grooves make some killer loops no latency while playing vsti instrument.. Sell your creative shitblaster soundcard and get this audiocard..

Word.. ice ice baby to go...

posted Tuesday, 03-Dec-02 at 0:20
Eric from Netherlands writes:
Have a look at they sell it for Price: 479,00 Euro / US$ 452.75 and ship worldwide. I bought one there and it's really great. I use it with cubase and use a lot of plugins and the card keeps working, great

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 09-Jun-02 at 17:55
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