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J.R. a Professional user from USA writes:
I've owned two Mackie's in recent years: the 1202 VLZ PRO and the 1604 VLZ PRO. I've tried really hard to convince myself that these units are "better" than my Behringer MX24 Eurodesk, but really, there aren't any sonic differences whatsoever. At least none that I could find. The MX24 does not color my sound in the least. There's no noise to speak of and zero distortion. The preamps are powerful and clean. What else can be asked from a mixer that offers 24 channels, extensive routing capabilities and pristine sound quality? All that for under $600 USD! There's one area where I would downgrade this board: I would NOT recommend this unit for applications where it would need to be moved and banged around. The chasis is plastic and in all fairness I don't think the build quality stacks up to the Mackies. However, for anyone needing to use this unit in an environment where it would not have to be moved, such as a place of worship or a home studio, this mixer shines! Before bying the Eurodesk I researched some of the top brands that manufacture analog mixers: Soundcraft, Mackie, Yamaha and Behringer. I exhaustively compared features, quality and bang for the buck. When all was said and done, the Eurodesk was the CLEAR winner. It wasn't an easy decision, since I've used professional consoles from Yamaha during the past 20 years and know what to expect from them. But the bottom line is that the Behringer board leaves more money in your pocket to spend on other studio equipment and does so without sacrificing sound quality. Sounds like a smart purchase to me. I HIGHLY recommend this mixer. I rate it a TEN.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Oct-04 at 13:11
mm a part-timer user writes:
I use this mixer to mix and produce live electronic music. I started using it ala DJ and Studio engineer approch.

I found some nufy tricks also just by using the board.

Thermin Mixer - Have a distortion stomp pedal output to mono channel x and send auxilary y back to it. Now move auxillary fad Y on channel X. Make some noice into the distorion unit. At this time you would get endless feedback. The fun part is what happens when you tweek eq... Try tweeking LO gain and you would get a thermin, endless pitch change, add dome delay effects on top of that... nice! Can your digital mixer do that?

Eq is awesome... there is little need for external eq, with the exception of lead instuments and vocals. 20 channels plus Sub channels makes a good complement for mixing dowm.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 07-Apr-04 at 2:2
Ron Blaze a Professional user from Atlanta, GA writes:
Used this mixer for 3 years with absolutely no problems. Easy and clean (clear) and the Mackie's I've used over the years. I can't lie and say Mackie can beat them out in sound quality, it's honestly to close to tell. Deal quality for the money.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 24-Oct-02 at 10:54
tiger style a Professional user from usa writes:
this is a review for people who [like me at once] get caught up in the hype mixture of a product's name instead of it's quality. by this i mean those who are looking for that "mackie" quality board. well, all i can say is, this is NOT mackie's BEHRINGER quality, which is as comparable if not better. this board is extremely quiet; the eq's are prestine [though very powerful if you're not careful], and it has routing possibilities that fit any application you dish it. oh, and might i say you get your "mackie" quality for about $500 less. don't get cheap and inexpensive confused, because it all boils down to producing what people want to hear. and trust me, when it comes to the public's ejoyment, they don't care what board you use.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 02-Apr-02 at 4:47
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