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miek a Professional user from Dallas writes:
I use this for my analog synths for witch rezonance in the bass range mucks up the mix. Unfortunately, the unit does not have a user defined Attack, for witch I would like to set to 50-70ms for snappy mono bass patches.

I can see this working for PA systems, because the limiter is right on target with no noticable degration to the signal, and you have 4 of them in 1 unit... not to mention that the LEDS are very very helpful.

Only if I could set attack times, then the MultiCom would have ben a godsend.

Did I mention this unit is about $120 new?! Thats about $30 per Compresser + Limiter

Another cool feature is internal sidechain filters, evin though I dont use them, I can see that they may very handy, for example on Distorted 7 Strings, drum sub mix, pianos with lots of lo and high notes, and mosty polyfonic instuments or mixes.

This LO Contour essenally eliminates lots of PUMPING effects you might experience with radical Ratio and Reliece controls you might want to use, but camnt becxause of LO frequency accents.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 21-May-04 at 3:10
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