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Marco a part-timer user from Portugal writes:
I got mine for 2 years now, nice mic

posted Saturday, 08-Mar-03 at 19:2
'tis a good sounding & cheap mic. I got mine for five bucks tho, so I'm bias (I love sleep over sales! :)

posted Thursday, 12-Dec-02 at 4:17
dronestudios a part-timer user from Glen Allen, VA USA writes:
The Behringer XM2000s has a tight clean, focused sound that is very warm. I did a test recording (at 16 bit 48 khz) of my classical guitar simultaneously with two mics, one a Marshall MXL 990 condenser and the other a Behringer XM2000S. The mics were set six inches away and I tested playback on a pair of Spirit Absolute Zeros. On bass runs, I almost couldn't tell any difference between the two mics. The XM2000S sounded very much like the condenser. This may be because of the XM2000S's low frequency response of 40 khz and the bass response is boosted by the proximity effect of the mic. This mic really does have a warm sound...not too midrangey and clean on the high end. There was some slight differences between the two mics on high end note runs and strong string attacks, which of course the MXL 990 condenser was better at...but you really have to listen carefully to tell. I haven't tried miking my electric guitar amp yet, but I have a feeling the high end will be contained. Perhaps it will sound like a Shure SM57. I also tried the XM2000S on low toms and it sounded great, handling the loud sound pressure perfectly. Don't miss out on this great mic. It is so inexpensive that you can get several for less than the price of an SM57. I got the XM2000S 3-pack from for $59. You can't beat that price for an excellent vocal and instrument mic!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 11-Dec-02 at 1:44
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