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Sam Kennerly a part-timer user from USA writes:
NEVER buy ANY program from Steinberg EVER. Cubase VST is hands-down the most unreliable program I have used in 20 years. It used to crash every single time I ran it, and now after reinstalling it, it won't even open. Tech support is usually unavailable and useless. There is no paper manual, and the .pdf documention has never been any use to me at all, and I've read ALL of it. Most of the newer features simply don't work - ReWire has never worked, audio recording routinely glitches, and the built-in plug-ins crash the computer so hard that even Ctrl-Alt-Delete won't work anymore. I know the problem lies with Cubase, because my other audio programs run great on the same computer. I regret missing the chance to buy Logic Audio back when it worked on Windows...

posted Friday, 12-Mar-04 at 18:27
dianto a Professional user from bulgaria writes:
Super Program!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 23-Dec-03 at 19:3
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