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tele a part-timer user from us writes:
This thing would be great if 1.) It recorded at 41khz, not 32khz. You could import your .wav files from the SmartCard and burn cd right? WRONG! You can't burn a CD with 32khz audio! And don't try converting cause it will change the speed/pitch of your recording! 2.) This thing doesn't come with an AC Adapter!! HAHA! You have to buy your own. I got a univeral one at WalMart for $9.00. Make sure it's 300ma though. Hmmm, what else... oh yeah... the input jacks on the back feel like they are about to break off when I plug cables into them.... lame. Oh well, the thing is cheap, and if you need to get your feet wet in digital multitrack recording... I guess this would be an ok device.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Thursday, 06-Feb-03 at 16:30
Stefano Poggi a hobbyist user from Italy writes:
Yeah, i bought this little toy, because i need a recorder for my ideas (CARPE DIEM!!). It could be simple to use (and nice to see?), and with an acceptable sound quality, becouse i have to record keyboards. So my recordings sound really good, all sound data simple transfered to my pc for manipulating, effects by hand. What do you want now? Someone that play instead you? If you are a guitar maniac, this is what you are looking for. Yes, you can find good guit effects, a metronome and a tuner. Also a great add for a nice live recording (but not Made in Japan). Ok guys, here we go.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 07-Nov-02 at 16:12
Vato Loco a Professional user from USA writes:
This thang is bad ass!!!!!!!!

posted Wednesday, 24-Apr-02 at 12:58
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