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Rod a part-timer user from Spain writes:
Well, i bought my Mbox 2 a little afraid about the quality of the unit as i read in multiple reviews. I have to say that is work perfect, the sound is clear, the quality of the preamps are incredible, very clean. The only problem is if you have a Intel Mac like i have, the RTAS have to be compatible, and right now there are not too many converted to Intel based Macs. In the other hand im very glad i bought the Mbox". A message for people that say that the preamps are not good, i dont want to be rude, but maybe the problem is the source not the preamps. Maybe is a a little dificult to find the right configuration but when you get it is sound clear and with not colour.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 07-Aug-06 at 4:42
kiril a part-timer user from macedonia writes:
I just have my mbox 2 for a few days,I was very scared will it work with my cubase sx 3 (becouse I am an alien in a world of pro tools) but it seems great..i have a 9,2 ms latency on 128 , and for now it is ok,preamps are great and the sound is crystal clear..can someone tell me how can i reduce even more latency?

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Apr-06 at 5:33
Jason Sanderson from UK writes:
im using a mbox on a p4 3.2 asus 925xe motherboard, which is supposed to be compatable with mbox, i know the 925x isnt. when go to install the the software, during the instalation it flashs the windows certification icon but shortly after ive pressed continue anyway it freeze, the mouse wont move and im unable to finish the instalation. not just that but when i switch my machine back on it only lets me run in safe mode or last good configuration. please help ive had this problem for months now and i need to get some work done!

posted Saturday, 17-Sep-05 at 11:52
Yub a Professional user from US writes:
Digidesign Mbox v. Lexicon Omega

For singer songwriters: Omega is better.

Mbox - I had a very nice salesman at local music store who let me try out both Mbox and Omega for 10 days each, so I did. I brought home a Digidesign Mbox first. Compatibility with other musicians and studios was a great selling point for me. My band buddy in Minneapolis has a Pro Tools studio systems at his basement, the choice was obvious for me. I recorded about 3 songs smoothly with 2 mics (one for acoustic guitar, the other one for vocal), so I kept recording several more songs with great singing (I thought). When I stopped and looked at my computer, it didn’t record 4 of 5 songs I just sang and there was a some sort of real time error message which (I found out later) was caused by lack of RAM (I have 512 Mega RAM). I read though the manual and Digidesign web support pages to figure out this problem, I failed. Even though my computer meets all system requirements the Digidesign listed. So, I went back to the store and asked some Protools users and they told me that they have more than 2 gigabyte RAM to run their Protools smoothly which equals about $300 more to my budget to finish my acoustic solo project.

Omega - 10 days later, I brought home Lexicon Omega to check it out. I have been recording and mixing all my songs since then. I finished recording tracks. And now, I am mixing down. Unlike ProTools, there are no interruptions on the recording and creating processes.

Some other things - Protools could not import audio from CD, Omega Cubase did. Mbox can record 2 mics at a time, Omega can 3 at a time (one for guitar pickup direct and other two for mics). ProTools gave me error messages and stopped recording every 20 minutes, Cubase wanted more songs from me and I run out of my storage space (can’t complain).

I thought Mbox’s mic preamp is better than Omega’s. Mbox doesn’t need a power adaptor , Omega needs one.

I wanted to share this info, so that we (musicians) can focus on making music, not the other things. - Yub from Portland, OR

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 30-Aug-05 at 4:56
Andre' a Professional user from USA writes:
I have been using my Mbox for over a year now for live recording and editing on the road. It is running flawlessly on a 850mhz Dell Latitude that Digidesign says it will have trouble running on. I also have is running on a self-assembled AMD 1.4ghz computer. With my laptop I also use it for running software synths at church with no problems. For all the PC guys out there, to optimize your computer or laptop to run Protools w/ your Mbox, goto It helps out alot. I give it a 9 out of 10 because i wish it had a MIDI in and out like my 001!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 07-Jul-05 at 14:11
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