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nafe from australai writes:
running an mbox with 2.8g p4, after a short period of recording a static noise comes in and will go when i change the buffer size in the playback engine, however the static noise returns after a short period. any advice would be much appreciated

posted Monday, 27-Jun-05 at 6:43
Kool Aid Man a Professional user from Flavor Country writes:
The mbox is a good looking and sounding product that falls way short. I originally bought it to edit sessions recorded on better pro tools systems on the road. The problems lie in the drivers and usb connection. In both pc and mac pro tools runs poorly on the mbox when set to low latency mode. It is fine set to 512, but you have a serious lag that keeps needing correction. The drivers to run apple core audio and windows audio is also not the greatest. Using programs like Live and Reason show the audio lag and occasional stutter off hugely.

Sadly, I have heard that the issues with drivers and latency is similar with the 002 even though it is firewire. I love using pro tools and need it to get editing jobs, but tracking on anything less than a TDM system is a constant pain.

*A side note, the Digi 001 never had the same problems due to the pci connection and better driver support ,but it is discontinued and no longer updated. I also hear that the M-audio interfaces have had much better results running pro tools M-powered.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 14-Jun-05 at 18:3
whistle dixie a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have used the Mbox for about 6 months now as an upgrade from a very dated ADAT setup. The price tag lured me and I cannot say that I am disappointed. After completing a batch of songs, I feel like the sound quality is better than I expected, but I do not like the way that this USB-type interface causes the plug-ins to bog down the CPU usage. I am very near mastering all of my songs before burning some CD's so I will soon have a clearer vision of the quality that this package offers. At this point, I can see how some believe that the mic preamps are sub-par. If the T-Racks plug-in does not add the warmth I am missing on my vocal tracks than I will have to consider investing a bit more money into the studio. All-in-all the package cannot be beat in terms of value. I haven't run into any technical issues thankfully. I suppose that my large internal and external memory and fast processor deserve credit for that. I would suggest that one purchase the factory bundle for just a tad more $$ because I have heard that the additional software that is included are only demo versions. I have yet to install them. I am waiting until I get ready to finish everything and am prepared to master my mixes.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 07-Jun-05 at 14:50
pierre from USA writes:
Hello I'm about to buy the MBOX, I use the mc 909, and the mpc2000xl. Ive got a sicx channel board is the mbox for me. I'll be recording vocals and mainly Rythm based music again is this the move to make

posted Sunday, 22-May-05 at 21:46
mr. Mac a part-timer user from Austarlia writes:
I was just about to buy M box for my G5! I have read a comments, good and bad... I dont know what to do?? to buy it or not??? Anyway I would use it for MIDI multi tracks.... Sounds from Korg Triton in to G5... What would be a result you think???? I will need help too!

posted Sunday, 15-May-05 at 11:4
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