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onemike a Professional user from United States writes:
i'm feelin the mbox.... i got it about 3 weeks ago.... and i'm runnin it winXP. not bad for the money.... very mobile. very easy to use. There are a FEW problems that i've run into that i'm not too happy about. #1 no midi port, #2 some ground noise when goin DI with my guitar. but for what i paid for it (around 450) its the perfect piece of equipment. basicially, i use the MBox as a pre-production tool. I do alot of my beats and ideas through software or things like an mpc/keyboard. when i really wanna do some vocals, i can just take my project and pop in on a cd then head to a studio with a TDM system and do the rest of my project there. simple as that. for what it is.... i give it a 9 out of 10.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 18-Mar-03 at 17:41
cali hendrixx a Professional user from new york writes:
I read alot about the m-box the digi 001 and 002 and i can see why some one would need them but for me i got a pre production studio where i create using a motif and a mpc..The m-box only has to inputs but all i have is two devices so its nothing and buy addin a 50 dollar midi sport i can record midi the add as many tracks i want one buy one. it takes longer but this is my lil preproduction work station im not in no rush. yea thats right there no midi on the m-box. no big deal...then the good thing is when i need to travel i can throw the lap top and mbox in a bag and roll..maybe pack a good mic and some headphones and im good...for what i do its perfect and adding a midi sport i dont need more...i can die with just this set up. i only need more inputs and outputs when im in a big studio. oyea you can just slap your pro tools file on cd and go to a studio or any other pc mac using 001 002 or tdm and open your mix and im not gona hop on the pro tools standard band wagon but ill rather get pro tools and know that i can do just that go more places and reopen my stuff there than any other way. o yea i love the sound that comes out...its great. it makes my mpc and motif sound even better

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Feb-03 at 13:35
John from USA writes:
I started using this combination a few weeks ago, and I'm not completely sold on it. I don't like the frailty of the USB bus, and if Digidesign would have thought about it they'd have made the mBox firewire. It's nice to have more than 8 tracks on a portable pro tools system, but a stable interface would have been appreciated. I give it a 5 because pro tools is a great program and the industry standard. If I could rate the mBox seperately, I'd give it a negative number. Sadly, the combination pulls the score down. If you're in the market for a new portable interface check out MOTU's 828 and Digital Performer, I've heard a lot of success stories with that combination...the 828 is firewire...

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 04-Feb-03 at 13:38
Jeff a part-timer user from USA writes:
I use it with a Rode NT4 mic and plug right into my notebook running xp. WOW...... I record my bands practice sessions and live gigs. Phantom power off my notebooks battery lasts a long time and NO PROBLEMS at all.

For recording live bands this set up cannot be beat. HIGHLY recommend the Rode NT4 mic. Hey, if you want to do serious recording projects this is not your set up. For a low cost system that will really do the basics well...look no further.

A 10 plus for what it is....basic. A 6 for trying to do serious projects.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 01-Feb-03 at 23:28
msucksfinally writes:
the software sucks....or maybe the hardware...but my guess is the win xp compatibility w/ protools /digidesign gears....i used the mbox w/ 867 dual powermac,it sometimes crashed but not always...mainly the improperly plug-in installed i think,its ok after i uninstalled those crappy plug-ins...but now let it work w/ win xp sp1,it totally sucks,some times it crashed immediately after i open protools v5.3.3,some it crashed after i apply some plug-ins...sometimes it crashed after i click the native rtas-normalisation function,what i did for system optima-isation for the prootls/mbox was all done,according to their instruction:e,g,disabling network programs,disabling system stadby and power management,disabling virus protection program,setting up proper dae playback buffer size,cpu usage limit,etc,etc,etc/....what i use is a p4-1.6ghz,asus p4b266(intel845d-chipset)mobo,w/512ddr ram,2x40gb 7200rpm hd(one especially for audio)pc....what i think now is to switch to ibook or even change to use a low-budget pc soundcard like echo mia or maudio stuff instead,more simple or more efficient.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Sunday, 22-Dec-02 at 5:34
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