Sonic State Studio / Recorders / ALESIS Masterlink™ML-9600 CD Recorder and Mastering Tool

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JSCORE from USA writes:
Simply awsome. I went broke buying it, but it was well worth it. It's nice to know that your music is getting a quality burning. I needed a decvice that was simple to use and headache free. I just hit record and BAM! I got what I want. I'm a pretty much real time type of guy so I'm big on fading and adding in things and this unit lets me do just that! A+ in my book! The sound is very clear and professional, although I must say I have mine hooked up to my Ultra Dyne Pro and can't figure out how to use my ULtra Dyne yet, but hte sound is clear none the less!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 17-May-03 at 3:23
Tim Regusis a Professional user from USA writes:
I like it this box. A very nice, alternative to DAT(and cheaper than a pro DAT). Nice ability to trim audio and do fade-ins, fade-outs, etc. Scrubbing of audio files. The limiter's not too subtle, but does the job- EQ's pretty good. The 24-bit compatibility is great, too, for recording and burning CDs. The converters are good, too. I definitely recommend this unit for those who need a 2-track deck.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 07-Sep-02 at 2:32
Rob Reng a part-timer user from England writes:
Very clean sound, very professional, 30 hours of music at 44100 khz (16 bit), the a/d converters are superb. I am using for mastering and also for live performance like DAT in days gone by. DSP for dynamics and EQ are v. good. Burn direct to Redbook or CD24 quickly and easily. Now 750 GBP new so well worth picking up. If you're looking for a 2 track hardware master recorder then look no further...

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 30-Aug-02 at 11:41
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