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~X~ a part-timer user from US&A writes:
The flashing blue LED and loss of sound on the Alesis M1 powered monitor is caused by failure of capacitor C8 (220uF, 35V) on the power supply board. It dries up due to its proximity to resistor R4 (47K, 2 W) which gets very hot. This is a design fault.

Remove the power supply board (4 corner screws and 2 mains connector screws) and disconnect the two plugs. Carefully desolder C8 and replace it. Its value is not critical (220 to 470 uF will do) but it should be a 105 deg. type, preferably at 50V.

Remove R4 and replace it with a similar resistor with its leads bent so that it is nowhere near C8, otherwise the fault will return. One end may be connected to one of the existing R4 solder pads (furthest from rear of board), and the other to the top end of resistor R3. Check that you have connected it correctly by inspecting the PCB tracks.

Replace the board and all screws and plugs before testing.

posted Thursday, 20-Dec-07 at 12:19
Alan Burnham a Professional user from USA writes:
We use many of these speakers in our edit suites. They are small with big sound.

The power supply problem is well know to me and I repair the power supplies by replacing two capacitors: C35 (1uf/50v) and C8 (220uf/16v). Other than these we have had good results with the "lemons".

posted Wednesday, 19-Sep-07 at 8:41
Dilph a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
I'v had my pair for about a year now, i must say reading all these reviews has freaked me out a bit considering i earned the money to buy these speaker washing dishes in a filthy chinese restuarant, and If these monitors were to simple stop working on me Alesis is gonna get a letter Bomb from me! seriously.

posted Sunday, 16-Sep-07 at 0:41
dan lash a Professional user from USA writes:
I have had these monitors for about 3 years. I am on my 5th power supply and currently have two speakers with bad power supplies. I love the sound, but am frustrated with the power supplies. bottom line. buy another speaker.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Saturday, 28-Jul-07 at 12:32
Ian McLean from USA writes:
I had a pair of MK2's and had the same issue. Within a year the power amplifier on both had gone and the monitors were useless. I opened these up and the power amplifier was easily replaceable. I called up alesis looking for parts and they quoted me $80 for each replacement amplifier if I was a merchant, $150 if I was not. I didn't care to spend $300 to fix these seeing as how I paid $500 for the pair brand new, so I went off and bought a pair of KRK's Rokit 8's which have been performing wonderfully ever since and have a very crisp flat sound. I was never really happy with the sound of the MK2's as they were very heavy on the low end. I used to have a lot of faith in Alesis but the quality of their products seems to have decreased dramatically.

posted Wednesday, 06-Jun-07 at 16:47
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