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Abana from Greece writes:
Its great! Much cheaper than the real thing.. :)

ps. a sherman filterbank won't be of much use.. ds..

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 20-Oct-01 at 12:36
belinda a part-timer user from holland writes:
Cool thing, only small knobs on the screen. You certainly need a sherman-filterbank to work comfortable with the great thing from Native!!!

the supplied banks are not logic, but when you search for a long time, there always comes up a good sound!!!

my advice: BUY!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 18-Oct-01 at 4:52
Scarab a part-timer user from USA writes:
Yeah, it's not the same as a real Prophet-5.. but I don't need to sell my soul to find parts, either! It does what it needs to the right way and is useful for a fair number of things (I use it for basses and weird lead sounds). Latency isn't an issue on my machine, but then I have an Audiowerks card and I'm using ASIO - I'd recommend you buy yourself another sound card instead of the Sound Blaster if you want to get the most out of it.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 20-Aug-01 at 12:25
olafmol a part-timer user from netherlands writes:
this is called "latency"...a better soundcard with better drivers can give you much better latency.....up to 7 ms..


posted Thursday, 21-Dec-00 at 10:27
Pasi Ollinkoski a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
Yes, this Pro-5 is really a nice piece of synth. Even if I have a demo-version it makes a lot of fun. Guess it might be a pleasure to have a real Sequential Circuits Pro-5 in the corner of the living room ! Those who have problems to install the demo (at least from cd, not downloading from Internet) or the real one, if you have Win95 you´ll have to have a fresh version of Internet Explorer. Otherwise you propably get the " not enough memory etc." error. I´m using the software with SB Platinum and midikeyboard. I wonder if someone else has met the same problems as I have; the delay makes playing a little bit difficult. Is this because of the soundcard? I have tried the setup, but the sound starts getting worse while making the delay shorter. If someone knows an answer please mail me.

best regards, Merry Christmas


Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 20-Dec-00 at 3:40
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