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Kenny a hobbyist user from Scotland writes:
I used to be the proud owner of a Yamaha TX802, when they cost loads (yep a long time ago! lol) I loved the complex metallic sounds you could create using it, which sounded like no other synth. This soft-synth sounds fantastic, a very good replacement for ageing FM hardware, which is easy to integrate into a modern setup, sounds just like the real thing, and is still a pain to program - lovely! :-) Top marks

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 04-Aug-05 at 15:19
Luc a part-timer user writes:
Tom I would like to get the FM 7 , or someone has one for sale? used or something else. This is a great synth but 280$ is too much for me. Thanks.

posted Thursday, 12-Feb-04 at 19:27
andrew lund a part-timer user from australia writes:
Wow! As a owner of 2 FM synths, I have to say that the FM7 is not only fantastic, but much different than either my DX7II or my DX27. The major differance in the sound is caused by: DX7's had lofi audio converters, especially cheap versions like the DX27's, 100's, 21's ect. My Dx7II produces a lot of what seems to be a bright, harsh aliasing distortion. This is what pissed a lot of people off about the DX7 at the time, but this effect can be quite useful for cutting through the mix. The cheap DX's have a 10 bit output, which sounds very gritty and produces a lot of digital noise. This is though, part of these instruments sound. I feel, though the FM7's HIFI, smooth sound is probably better for most uses, and sounds more anolog, less digital and harsh. The user interface of FM7 is MUCH better than the DX7 (thank god!) and isnt much harder now to use than a anolog modular, BUT HAS MEMORIES! (YEAH!) All in all, the FM7 is NOT a DX7 in software. It is in many ways better. It can do a lot more than the DX7, in fact it can do almost anything. Anolog strings, pads, real instruments, deep bass, guitars, sweeps, ect ect. A DX7 still beats the FM7 in some ways though. The DX7 is also portable, solid and VERY reliable. The keyboard is one of the best, too.

P.S: I've tried the moog modular. It may be good, but I like FM7 even more :)

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 16-Jul-03 at 14:28
Alex Daniels a Professional user from usa writes:
Inspiring. One of the very few VSTi's worth every penny of their purchase price.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 15-Jul-03 at 2:25
Tom a hobbyist user from Belgium writes:
Restarted working with the FM-7 plug-inn in Cubase VST32 about a year ago. Since that day my love has grown for this magnificent piece of art. It might not easy to pragram, but has en ough presets to create beautiful background pads which can be used in almoust all kinds of music, therefor I vote for the direct woreshipping of this software version of the known FM-synthesizer (which was actually one of the moust popular vintage synths of the 80's). I recommand all musicians to at least try it once. If you ain't got the money to buy it, you can always react to this message and give your e-mail adress so that I can try to send you the less legal version of the program. Much luck, yours, Tom Van de Putte, financial director Consistory Studios corp.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 12-Dec-02 at 1:5
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