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Midi a part-timer user from USA writes:
Sam Ash is blowing these out for $229, should i get one?

posted Wednesday, 11-Apr-01 at 17:4
Luciano/ La Casa Nostra productions from usa writes:
I think this card is excellent if you go out and buy the mxtrax using an mpc60 for all my sequencing.....cubase...logic and cakewalk all suck to me....hands on midi sequencing is the way to go.the mx trax software is good but they still don't have direct-x plug-in or vst yet. but i have to say this program is simple ,the mixer is sooooo easy and awesome, you don,t need 20 monitors to look at your song like cubase and it FULLY supports all the fx and dynamics of this card. I have to say with this program the dsp factory really is an O2R in a box. I have 2- dsp cards,1-ax16 adat card,and 2-ax44 analog in and outs, I run a p-3 500mhz with 512meg of ram and 3-9gig IBM ultra w scsi drives for recording.I use no IDE at all,this set-up gives me 30 ins and outs and 32 tracks of recording which i did test and was successful. I use no ore than 24 tracks normally if you use IDE drives switch to the fastest scsi they make at once(which is ultra 160 now)and if you travel to "big dog" studios every now and then go buy an AW4416 it links up perfect to this system and has all the same features in a portable unit.I take mine on the road since I have most of my business up in new york..p.s all of the effects are "top notch" except the distortion and ring modulation..but most of us never use distortion from an "all around" fx processor anyhow thats what stomp boxes are made for...peace LUCIANO

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 17-Feb-01 at 18:27
Dames a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The mac support for the DSP factory is woefully inadequate, although there seems to be better integration with Cubase than others. In any case, you are tied to the buggy mixer app Yamaha has created to actually control mixing functions outside your sequencer. Makes things exceptionally frustrating.

The actual sounds you get out of this card are very good, but it's hard to get there with almost no mac support (beyond logic and cubase - and even there its spotty) and the complete lack of any type of manual or support (the manual has wiring diagrams - not attractive to non-engineer types).

Overall I'm disappointed, as it looks like there will never be adequate mac support to exploit this otherwise very good / affordable / powerful i/o card. The 2 year product cycle is just about up on it :(.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Dec-00 at 10:41
Tim Smith a part-timer user from USA writes:
Since I mix live into only four channels simultaneous latency is not a problem for me, although from reading the other reviews of this card it isnt a problem for many more tracks either if your CPU is fast, you have plenty of memory and you dont have other things dragging your CPU down, i.e. software synths.In fact I think the DSP2416 card is one of the LEAST likely cards to have latency problems with. I cant say enough good things about this card. I have the AX44 additional input box and I strongly recommend getting it as it makes things much easier. This card wont become obsolete for a long time as it supports higher bitrates and resolutions. I am using it with Cakewalk Pro9 and it is all its said to be, sounds great with no popping or static whatsoever.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 24-Jul-00 at 0:22
Leigh a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I originally got this card because I figured it would take some load off my host processor. I was using a bunch of virtual synths, and things were going VERY slowly and cutting out often. After getting the DS2416, I was dismayed to find that its latency (93ms to begin with, but 65ms with the newest drivers) made it all but impossible to utilize most soft synths. This was a setback, but I since bought a Proteus 2000 which I have hooked up to the DS2416's S/PDIF jack, and everything is running beautifully. 24 tracks (8 stereo busses selectable as outs from Cubase) all with hardware EQ, Compressor/Limiter, and 2 pretty nice effects units. The sound quality is really good and it does allow me to enable more audio channels.

The downsides are lack of enough I/O (only one stereo analog and S/PDIF input and output, but there are drive bay expansions available. ), and latency. According to the Yamaha support people, the latency will probably not be improved much over what it is now, so if that's a concern, get a Hammerfall. Alternatively, the MOTU 2408 offers adjustable latency and MANY more inputs and outputs, but doesn't include the DS2416's greatest asset which is its integrated hardware mixer (an 02r on a card, minus the I/O and expansion capabilities.. and the $8000 price tag!).

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 01-Apr-00 at 10:41
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