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Talent has nothing to do with it. I wish that was true.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Sunday, 08-Aug-04 at 19:7
MUSIK4LIFE a Professional user from U.K writes:
Reading what some of you have put about Reason makes me laugh! If your bad mouthing Reason (especially 2.5) then has it occurred to you that maybe the reason your not creating 'complete' tracks, etc, is that maybe your not actually talented?! I have been using Reason pretty much since it came out and have had a lot of success with the projects Ive worked on. Just get a fast pc (plenty of memory), decent soundcard (24/96 +), and a controller and your away! Then tip is to keep your sounds as fresh as possible, get as many refills as you can and learn how to utilise what youve got. In terms of the 'final mix' that some of you have been moaning about..'ok, with pro tools..'etc...well, on my firts ep cut from the original Reason, I must admit that the sound did need quite a bit of mastering, but from the release of 2.5 most of my work has pretty much ready to press from my pc. And after all, how many of you go from pc to vinyl...not many...produce quality music and you wont need to, let the record company pay the mastering costs, guarentee that you can get easilly a high enough quality sound yourself!

I shoul add that I am suprised that they havent released a version yet allowing you to drop a vocal and work of differnt sections of the track while the vocal plays rather than having to trigger the start point, etc.....other than that..Reason 2.5 is the shit!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 02-Aug-04 at 4:26
I used nothing but Reason for a little over a year, and I really hate it. My basic reason for hating "Reason", it will not work as a stand alone tool in terms of a producing a quality mix.(IMHO) With that said, why on earth should a software application not "do it all" and produce a quality mix???? I often hear people argue this point by saying, "...Reason sounds great if you rewire it into Pro-Tools" or, "Reason is a great sketch pad" or, "If you buy a good audio card, It rocks". I say BS on that! Cubase, Digital Performer, and Pro-Tools provide one-stop-shop solutions from start to finish with a quality mix at the end, garanteed! Why use Reason when these kinds of products are on the market??? I hope it will improve, but for now, I suggest saving you pennies and buy something else. Personally, I've been using Digital Performer along with Mach Five, and it produces tracks that sound a million times better than Reason. The best part, and back to my main point, I can do everything in Digital Performer from start to finish. I don't need a stand alone "sketch" pad app like Reason. Good bye forever Reason, and good luck with your futue development.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Thursday, 29-Jul-04 at 0:31
Steven a part-timer user from USA writes:
As someone who has worked 100% with only hardware (including sequencers) up until my introduction to Reason, I have to say I'm impressed. Sure, Subtractor could sound better, but with all the great effects available in reason (especially the new Unison module), you can get some really fantastic sounds with a little bit of programming.

What makes Reason invaluable to me, and the reason (pun intended) you very certainly CAN create music using nothing else, is the routing flexibility. If you've got a fast computer (which is a requirement for all soft synths these days) you're limited only by your imagination. If you don't feel like programming your own sounds, there are some terrific free and commercial refills available (and if you don't like those, you can easily convert Akai CD-ROMs into refills that will work within Reason).

Making great music is not about what you have, but how you use it.

BTW, Todd Rundgren's new "liars" album is almost 100% Reason (and not even Reason 2.5).

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 27-Jul-04 at 8:49
Lucid a Professional user writes:
Reason can't only be used to write a song...BS I'm writing songs to be played in dance clubs and reason alone is plenty!You just need to know how to use your tools. I mean at first I started DL reason songs that people on the prop. site that people were making and were supposed to be House,Trance,Jungle and most all of it was crap.But thats not to say it still can't be the only piece of software you use. Hell I was Using Sonar 3,Reaktor,Tassman I have a roland mc-505,Roland mc-202 (vintange analog sound) and a clavia micro modular.Well now the only piece of software left on my system is reason and all my hardware is put away in my drawers! Now I just use Reason and a midiman oxygen I never thought i would just be using reason and thought the sound was lacking.But after listening to all my newer hard trance and hardstyle cd's they sound really similar.Hell all i had to do was spend time just using reason alone and I started getting all the same sounds out of it that I was using my other gear!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 19-Jul-04 at 18:19
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