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AJ a Professional user from USA writes:
Worth every dime. i used to use an MPC2000 and some waldorf and ensoniq synths. with reason i get Less noise and just as many options. I've always produced my music in realtime (live knob tweaks, mutes, etc.) and have set up my powerbook much like my MPC was, key commands for everything, and an evolution uc-33 for sliders and knobs. i rewire Reason to Ableton Live 3.0 to use a few VST FX and then record that output live in Audio Hijack with Waves 4.0 L2 Compressor running. and it all works seemlessly on an 867mhz G4. the only hardware i'll ever buy is another controller for Reason.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 25-Mar-04 at 12:30
Tik 777 a part-timer user from US writes:
I think Reason is a great program, I love the wiring(tab) feature...I think this is a feature that draws in real hardware users...

In use: I believe that the NNXT is dope when using akai translations but the items that are normally looped on the akai lose the loop points in translation...

Maelstrom is a AWESOME synth, but its very harsh and metallic sounding...edgy...and the only other option you have is fm in the form of subtractor...which gets to sounding a little REASONish on everything....

There is a lack of outside sourcing for this other than rewire, so using other VSTi/DXi/AU/ effects and synths is a not do-able. YUK

The new reverb kills actual hardware units...the new distortion is no amplitube, but it is all ya gonna get being that propellerheads are not gonna open up reason to anything but rewire!!


Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Monday, 22-Mar-04 at 12:57
The Sixth Boro Recordings a Professional user from USA writes:
Well, very impressive in the least. I run this in my home studio synced up to my Korg Triton Studio 61, and ReWired into Pro Tools. Well, how about this, I can send 64 channels of audio directly out of Reason into Pro Tools, add effects, automation, and dynamics processing in PT then record all channels separate, edit, burn my session to DVD and bring into the real studio for my final mix-down on a PTHD setup. =) Couldn't make me happier.

What I do is sync up my Triton Studio so I can use both sequencers. The one thing that Reason is missing though is a MIDI out!!! If it had this, then I would give it a 10. The sequencer is so damn easy and inituative, I love working and starting new projects. The samplers and synths are good. The overall sound quality of Reason is lacking and really doesn't "molest" my speakers as much as I would like, BUT, with some tweaking in Pro Tools, I can get pretty close to that pro sound I am looking for.

Overall... recommended for the beginner to the pro. Beginner to learn how to route, effect, sequence, etc. And for the Pro to use as a great addition to their existing equipment. Loses two point for sound quality and mostly because no MIDI out to sequence other synths. Worth the $300 for sure. Highly recommended.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 28-Jan-04 at 16:41
Jeremiah Hundley a Professional user from US writes:
I will start with my only beef about reason. And that is that it doesnt have a step imput in its sequencer that i have come reliant upowhen using cubase or Digital Performer. Howevever, 2.5 packed some incredible new sound modules that truly I cant' do without. I run that along side cubase and absynth and omg, the potential astound me. I love owning this program and I will probably always use it in the future. I am interested to see what the next version holds. Learn those wires baby... and to answer you question about can reasn replace...i once owned a triton pro x which, yes, i do miss but reason with the right sound card was more than adequate. However it didn't get as full of a sound as i was accostomed to with my triton. However coupled with absynth, it toppled my triton. I run two computers at once using Cubase and vst on one contolling Reason and Live 2.0 which by the way rocks. I find that this combination can give a quite a challenge to anything anyone wants to throw at it. Hope that helps.



Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 27-Jan-04 at 17:16
I think Motu's Mach Five sounds better.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 20-Jan-04 at 22:15
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