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Sean, get the Powerbook.; I run Reason with a Powerbook G4 1Ghz to compliment my other studio gear and it works great.

Hed, definatly not replace your Motif. The sound quality of Reason is not good. The Motif on the other hand, has some amazing patches. If anything, get reason to run along side your Motif. I run Reason along side my Korg Triton Studio 61 and love it.

posted Monday, 19-Jan-04 at 12:46
hedlock and sean......

There is a link above called 'gas station' for questions, comments etc etc... This section is intended for reviews only. If you repost these questions @ Gas, you will recieve answers!


posted Monday, 19-Jan-04 at 4:48
sean a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I am just a beginner and have maybe a dumb question, but I am looking forward using Reason but need to know what kind of laptop I should purchase. I am currently thinking about getting a Powerbook G4 but am wondering if I should get a PC instead.

I am also curious if the iLife 04 product Garage band and Reason will work well together.

I have also been enticed by the m-audio keyboard advertised in Apple's store and curious as to whether a USB powered controller will suffice, or do I have to get some other MIDI device to use Reason.

If any one can help with some of these questions I will really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot, from a baby in this business!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 19-Jan-04 at 1:39
HedLok a part-timer user from The Boogie Down Bronx NYC, USA writes:
That's hot that it can resample 'cause I was reading the manual and it didn't mention it anywhere. So here goes another question: I love my Motif but am itching to know if I can get the same results with my iBook and an Oxygen controller in my backpack. Sh*t sounds so fly. Makin moves and makin tracks, it's crazy. But on the real the Motif is a beast and I don't know if Reason can truly hang with a $1600 dollar piece of gear. What's REALLY GOOD?? Keep it real with me. Can Reason replace my Mo' (quality wise)? Be honest yo....

posted Monday, 29-Dec-03 at 12:47
olafmol writes:
hedlock, the answer is yes...just export to .WAV or .AIFF under the file menu, and load this .WAV or .AIFF into one of the samplers.. or run it through recycle and make a .rex file of it for dr.rex player


posted Monday, 29-Dec-03 at 5:46
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