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Average rating: 8.7/10 out of 10

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NC a Professional user from USA writes:
Reason 1 was good, 2.0 was better, and 2.5 is amazing! I've been producing music for 6 years now. I started out with hardware and now I'm 90% software. I had a Triton Pro, MPC 1000, MPC 2000xl, and 4 rack modules. I sold it all for a laptop and a desktop cpu after 3 years of using REASON. Why? Because Reason does it all and then some more. If you have less 2 gigs of ram, and a P4 3.2ghz machine then you haven't experienced Reason yet. If your not familiar with builind and shaping sounds then of course 90% of the presets are cheesy. I suggest you play with knobs, experiment with the fx's processors, and let your mind run wild. (You'll get the hang of it 6 months) Sample Cd's are great, and refills are wonderful, but I recommend you buy a turntable, records, and pick up RECYCLE. You don't need anything else. I only wish I could talk to the Engineers at Propellerhead, and make them offer more fx's processors, and a synth dedicated to bass and leads. Thats All!!!!


posted Saturday, 16-Oct-04 at 0:53
Daniel Kerr a Professional user from United States writes:
I've found that Reason sounds WAY better (with less mud) if you rewire each track into decent multitrack recording software.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 15-Oct-04 at 19:35
Roro a part-timer user from USA writes:
Um no Darclinic. I'm not a preset user, I just THINK THEY SOUND BAD. I have wide experience with subtractive and FM programming on real synths. Subtractor is thin and unpleasant, like the first early VA's. And the stupid granular one is impractical for serious composition. I do like its drummachine though.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Sunday, 03-Oct-04 at 11:34
Darclinc a Professional user from Earth writes:
What I would really like to know is whether those of you that comment on the weaknesses of the subtractor and maelstrom actually build your own patches or use only presets ?? LMAO if you dare to say that eg. the subtractor sounds blah if you only use the soundbank cd's.

The same applies for the rest of reason. Using it as a standalone and not actually inputting any of your own influence, you will never even begin to realise or utilise the true strengths of the program.

So go on ... innovate don't immitate

posted Friday, 01-Oct-04 at 4:7
Per Linden a Professional user from Sweden writes:
Now this is the shit!!!

Reason is a really good program in the right hands. I´ve released 1 track so far using this wonderful software, and what can I say. it´s simply beautiful. BUY IT!!!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 23-Sep-04 at 6:41
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