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SynthFreak a hobbyist user from USA writes:
It takes a 3 year old baby to whine and moan because something is too easy to use. Simplicity is the point of this software you fool. You want complexity go use Reaktor. Reason is for people that want to get their musical ideas down without having to learn vector calculus. Reason 2.5 is an excellent piece of software and helps me get my musical ideas down with very little effort. I think it sounds great too. I don't know what sound systems you people are using but it sounds good to me. The synths are ok sounding, a bit plastic-like but other than that I really like this.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Sep-03 at 12:27
SpeckO from OZtralia writes:
Explain. I have read about the sound quality issue in a few places now, including Reason user forums. The issue has been explored by many users, and would be users of Reason, and some of the keener techies have done tests sampling Reason NNXT files and NN19, with high interpolation on & off on each. The results have been that yes, there is an interesting alteration of the sample, as there is with any (ANY) unit or program in existence that samples (there is always distortion of the original material of some kind when sampling, it's just a matter of how much and whether it yields a special character of it's own) using the 'High Interpolation' switch on either NN sampler in Reason yields a much cleaner output of sample material, shown by graphs I've seen that compare notes with pre-sampled and post sampled material. The results with high interpolation on do show a very smooth though non-perfect wave, but believe me there are many sampler out there (spec. h'ware) that do funny things to samples once their in there. But we still love them.

The general conclusion I and many of those others that have also been examining this issue is that the slight (slight) issue with overall sound quality (which is always re-workable in future editions anyways) is far outweighed by the abundant & overflowing package of tools Reason provides all users.

To anyone having issues with the sound quality of Reason, I'd highly recommend using the latest version (2.5) & loading your own samples into it so your not just relying on 'reason factory sound bank' (also download free packs off net or buy commercial re-fills/sample CD's). If your willing to invest, or want better routing/EQ/Dynamics/sequencing and plugin processing possibilties, then I'd also highly recommend digging into one of the 'big boy' seq/HD apps that work Rewire with Reason like a charm (such as the venerable & lovely Cubase SX, or the practical Sonar etc etc). This combined with reason may solve the basic sound issues, and the latter option allows for the addition of xtra VST/DXI synths, drum machines, samplers and plugin bonaza in general which also allows in turn Reason to become cog in a much bigger set of gears. Add to this the magic of audio tracking being available, and you've pretty got what you need for either a scratch pad at the least, or a full blown DAWstation/music machine.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 14-Jul-03 at 10:56
emoe a Professional user from England writes:
Reason 2.5 is great but when are propellerhead gonna sort out the sound quality?

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 14-Jul-03 at 7:53
D_Samp a Professional user from Australia writes:
Ive been using Reason as part of my sound design rig since version 1.0 and im very pleased with 2.5

the reverb in previous version was crap and the new one, while not miraculous, is better. the splitter/merger spider tools are great, resembling Tie Lines on a patch bay etc. we'll be using Reason2.5 with our sonar2xl rigs for sound design in the studio more often.

top product!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 09-Jul-03 at 14:14
Jesus a Professional user from swe writes:
if you aint got reason 2.5 u aint shit...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 01-Jul-03 at 4:3
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