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Scotty a part-timer user from USA writes:
Reason is the best starting point for an electronic musician that I can think of. Props to the Propellerheads for putting a lot of effort into making this flexible and offering a lot of downloads for additional sounds. They even threw a 100mb account a primseounds at me as a bonus, and if you get your copy of Reason pretty soon and register it, they might still have the offer running.

The only downsides are that it isnt set up for controlling other gear. Althought the Rewire 2.0 compatibility of some programs like Logic and DP will let you work with Reason side by side and digitally connected to your fav DAW system.

I consider it well worth the money, since I changed platforms to Mac and need a while to get everything else together, but in the meanwhile can write grooves and such to be layered with my hardware recordings when the studio is setup.

Coming from Rebirth, Reason will seem like a godsend. Coming from beaing a tracker, like me, you may see some limits in creativity, but not many - in fact, the virtual cable concept will allow you to route things as if you had an unlimited hardware budget, but only in the Reason 'store'. Shuffle isnt that bad either. IMHO.

posted Sunday, 18-May-03 at 16:40
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