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Jared a Professional user from USA writes:
Sure wish I'd read these reviews BEFORE I purchased the software 'cause I can't use it either. I use DP4 with Kurzweil equipment. I actually appreciate my Kurz more now 'cause I found that the sounds I got from using Reaktor standalone that I did like could be done on the Kurz and they sounded better. What the hell? I'm selling Reaktor if anyone is interested.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 20-Apr-04 at 18:43
Will writes:
Avoid this program like a plague!! Native Instruments has just released a new update 4.1 which is even in the news here in Sonic State, and as a Reaktor user I can personally say that this update pretty much rendered the entire program unusable, I cannot even begin to explain what problems this new update brought in. This program has got to be the buggiest piece of software I have ever encountered. Worst of all Native Instruments is basically a company which cares about one thing MAKING MONEY!! Once you buy their software they just leave you alone, horrible customer support and they never even bother fixing problems like intigration with other sequencers, I really feel sorry for all those Digital Performer users this update still hasn't fixed the DP4 intigration.

I already sold my copy on eBay it is a waste of money and effort. It has great sounds but is not worth the headache. And for that I'll give it a 4 out of 10

posted Saturday, 27-Mar-04 at 13:55
john doe from usa writes:
Well either I'm missing something or Reaktor doesn't work in cubase SX either running on OSX!! I have had not one problem with any of a dozen of my other plugin synths but Reaktor doesn't play in cubase. there shows audio output but no sound through cubase! nothing out my mixer! this bunk! like I said not one problem with any other plugin except this one. anyone know what the problem could be or is this software really that messed up? I've been trying the demo and how can they advertise this as a vst? when it doesn't even run on the sequencing software that founded VST!?! How are ppl even running this stuff?

posted Saturday, 27-Mar-04 at 4:50
DRJ a part-timer user from USA writes:
I'm using hardware sequencers with reaktor 4 for live pa performances and have been nothing but impressed with it performance in Windows 2K and XP. It likes to chew up system resources but thats why a 2ghz+ P4 system with a grip of ram is the optimal set-up until N.I. gets their sh#t together on OSX. Good lord for once its advantageous to use windows! Not like I care since I sequence outboard anyway. Overall though it cant be argued once working properly Reaktor 4 is a dynamic work enviromnment and a step towards the future IMO.

peace DRJ

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Sunday, 07-Mar-04 at 14:4
Kanrya a Professional user from Japan writes:
If you have a PC, I think Reaktor will do good for you. I don't know about Logic but I have both reaktor 4 and Kontakt and they both don't wor as audio unit in my G4 running DP4. I'm still waiting for NI to fix this problem, they won't respond to emails either.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Monday, 01-Mar-04 at 0:30
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