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Nathaniel Essex a part-timer user from USA writes:
Absolutely great piece of gear. The mic pres are darn good, way better than I expected them to be. Used with PTLE 6.1 for XP. Count me among the few that have no problem with 32 tracks, partly due to the fact that I cut my teeth in an age where unless you sync'd a couple of recorders, 24 was all you got. That said, I think the final track count Digidesign should offer is 48. I am also satisfied with PT's MIDI implementation. I usually sequence with the MPC, but my times venturing into PTs world have been satisfactory. However, I primarily use it for audio recording, to which, IMHO, there isn't a more straight forward, clean, and intuitive way to do so.

Overall, the sound is great, and I've cut almost nothing at 96k. I do hate the fact that the phantom power switch is on the back, and implemented in twos, even though I almost always use an external pre. It would also be nice to be able to add extra I/0.

Again, great piece, and even greater when used with the awesome Mackie Control. Peace

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 26-Dec-03 at 23:26
Lenti Lenko a Professional user from Australia writes:
The 002 Rack is the next logical step on from the Digi 001 (which I own). It's now a full 2 rack spaces rather than the more cluttered small box of the 001 (which thankfully also fits in a rack!). It's got twice the number of mic pre's and they are supposedly better sounding one's.

I have managed to do a number of complex projects using just the 001 with no extra outboard or 3rd party plug ins. This is very admirable and its a very stable system. I can only assume that the 002 Rack will continue in this tradition.

Digi still have a way to go before they get the Protools Midi features up to the standard of other applications like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer and Sonar. I use midi a lot so to me this is a big deal. Those just using audio won't care about this at all.

They will however care for the deliberately imposed 32 audio track limit. I believe that Digidesign are scared that alot more people will turn away from their very costly TDM and HD systems if they didn't impose this limit seeing as though todays CPU's (both PC and MAC) are getting so much quicker. In this day and age when people are running upwards of 64 'native' audio tracks with a lot of extra plugs, I find this an unnaceptable limitation especially considering many people will be using machines which are capable of running much more than 32 audio tracks!

If Digidesign do not believe that their high end TDM and HD systems are at threat, they should allow Protools LE users (Mbox, 001 and 002) to have proper timecode functionality, add the beat detective and get rid of the ludicrous 32 track limit!!!!!

Sorry for ranting about this but an otherwise near perfect audio midi system is hampered by these above mentioned limitations!

Nonetheless I really like my 001 and will continue using it rather than upgrading to a 002. Those in the market for one of these Protools LE systems should definately check out a 002 rack over a 001 for the extra connectivity.

As for me, if I was starting over again, even though I like the 001, I would now look at a MOTU based system with an 82811 and Digital Performer or even Digital Performer with the new Tascam FW1884 or Yamaha O1X.

Don't be put off the 002 Rack with my comments. If you are not bothered by the above mentioned deliberately added limitations, you will be very happy with the 002 Rack.

posted Monday, 13-Oct-03 at 5:22
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