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Mike Pope a Professional user from USA writes:
Ease of Use: 8 Using Beta OS for v.2.0 (surround). The DPS24 is truly a pro-level machine, with 9 individual fader banks (108 total user faders) and full automation (faders, static, and FX), - there is almost no limit to what can be done on this unit. The sound quality is amazing, and we usually record at 24-bit, 44.1k!

The DPS 24 is a professional level machine with an amazingly broad feature set. Certainly it is expected that learning such a complex machine takes a bit of time (just ask any Pro Tools power user!) For those who are impatient, or who may want to learn the features and shortcuts quicker, instructional videos are available from The newest release "Straightline" is targeted at new users and even features a video "Quick Start Guide" to get you tracking fast. Once you learn this machine, you will be blown away with the sound quality of what you can produce with it.

Features: 10 With 56-bit internal processing, the mix buss on the DPS 24 easily surpasses Pro Tools sound. The clarity is there, no coloration of sound, VERY flexible EQ, Dynamics, and 4 great stereo FX with a versatile library. Akai is also very on top of their OS (which has NO BUGS!). There are many new features which have been implemented in recent OS updates (available free at the Akai Pro web site) as well.

Sound: 10 Let's put it this way; I work with several "big name" studios in LA, and have often received comments like; "How did you get such pristine sound on that?" The converters on this machine are excellent and overall sound quality is top shelf.

Reliability: 10 I've been a DPS 24 user for 4-years now, and in that time I have not had a single crash, lockup, or loss of data. The machine is a rock-solid platform and I don't ever see myself switching to anything else! A Maxtor Diamond 9 Series hard drive is recommended for the most reliable and quiet performance. If your machine has any problems, it may have been shipped with a Seagate drive, which has become incompatible with the latest operating system. Change out to a Maxtor and you’ll be running smooth as silk!

Customer Support: 10 Akai is a great company, very eager to make sure their customers are happy. Robert Ray at Akai Pro has gladly fielded calls from me and is an excellent testimony to their commitment to support. If you have general questions about the DPS 24, check out where you can buy instructional DVD’s for the machine. They also offer paid phone support for studios.

Overall Rating: 10 We own three machines now...don't ever see us switching platforms (*you can slave two machines together with a single MIDI cable for 48-tracks) If they quit making them tomorrow - I'd buy 4 or 5 used units off eBay and hang onto them...just in case. It's really like the Maytag repairman though - the thing never breaks down!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 03-Oct-05 at 12:38
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