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al_skidoo a Professional user from UK writes:
I recently used a dps12i for the first time, sound quality was great, terrible fiddly eq and awful fx sections. Checked my recording all good, switched it back on day after and it has LOST 4 tracks of data, if it were mine I would smash it to pieces with a hammer, it belongs to a friend who seemed all too willing to loan it out, I will return it to him and reccomend he puts it in the dishwasher as this can only improve performance.

posted Monday, 16-Oct-06 at 18:13
vishnu from Malaysia writes:
Hi Bro.. sorry my DPS12 crashed.. It's lit up like a chistmas tree. Is there a full reset rather then hold down Rec button? After doing this it just shows me binary numbers and can't do anything. Also all the gains "over" are red when switched on! Pls help if you can.. Thanks regrads Vishnu From Malaysia

posted Wednesday, 04-Oct-06 at 2:34
tony smith a hobbyist user from australia writes:
HOW does one use the reverb effects!! I'm struggling with the manual; there seems to be no clear and simple button pushing sequence written in clear simple language, and mine is not printable. Please...somebody! Do the effects have to be programmed before laying tracks or can they be added after? I just want some reverb on my rather plain vocal skills.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Sunday, 16-Jul-06 at 23:21
xman911 a hobbyist user from Fl, USA writes:
I bought this box couple months ago from ebay for $230. I was really excited to get, but when I got it and hooked up my equipment, I don't know but the sound quality to me was very weak. I was tweakin and tweakin for hours, asked questions in boards, i thought it was my settings or something, but i just couldn't get a real sound out of this.

I hooked up my Korg Z1, and Rs7000, but the sound is so dry. I guess this is maybe for guitars and singers, cause it works fine there, but if you want a crisp, crystal clear sound, i would not recommend this to anyone with a decent synth.

For functions, it's very functional unit, effect are pain in the ass to use, but once you make your settings, you can go from there. I sold it back on ebay, actually got little more money for it, and I got me a Gemini PDM-7024 / 9ch mixer and 2 Gemini PT-2000 tables for a lesser price and it serves me so much better than that Deep Piece of Shit. I can record on my sony MiniDisk, and now i actually have more input channes and an on hand equalizer. The sound quality of my gemini mixer is far better than of dps.

If you are into singin and using Kasio keyboards, i strongly recommend this to you. But for anyone little serious about your sound, i advise to stay away.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Saturday, 23-Jul-05 at 15:12
David Gurwin a Professional user from USA writes:
Many, if not all, of the complaints about the Akai DPS12 were addressed in the DPS12i. I have it and it has an internal 20gig hard drive (replacing the horrible Jaz drives that everyone had trouble with). I have never had a single moment of trouble with it. Using the effects is a bit complicated and the manual leaves a lot to be desired in terms of clarity but, all in all, it is a very good machine.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 06-Aug-04 at 13:55
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