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Olov Johansson a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
What a about that aliasing when recording at 16 bits? As far as I know, aliasing is a phenomenon associated with sample rates and has nothting to do with bit depth. I'm thinking about buying the USB version of this audio interface, since it's 30% off at my local music store.

posted Thursday, 26-Jul-07 at 3:53
Waldherr (Loop Doctors) a hobbyist user from Austria writes:
I am using the FA-101 with a Dell Notebook and Cubase SX. Installation was very easy and fast, everything worked withhout problems. Minimum Latency is 2,9 Milliseconds. This is the Ideal Interface for Laptop-Musicians. Sound is very clear.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 27-Dec-04 at 9:21
taikowaza from USA writes:
An excellent interface. The latency is VERY low due to the coreaudio drivers built into Panther. I did a live wavedrum performance running through VST and AU effects and the latency was still low enough to hear finger snaps and trills. AWESOME.

THe controls are simple, there are not a lot of setting options. This may be a good point, as it forces you to concentrate on your source level. The preamps are very clean. Did a Sitar/djembe live recording with pristine purity. They do not color the sound so count on using a nice preamp or else some mastering tools. Phantom power is included which is a nice touch. It is possible to record 10 inputs simultaneously however you had better be running a dual processor g4 or 5 to run so many inputs and effects at the same time.

I highly recommend this interface. It is high quality. I would say that it is a more portable, cheaper alternative to those who think that the MOTU units are too large. The MOTU will give you more front panel routing options, as well as ADAT interfacing capabilities. (in general, more versatility). The Edirol, however, is simplicity personified, with a plug and play operation unequalled. Ableton Live 4 plus this unit equals a very powerful setup for live performance or recording. Good luck!

Purchased in Tokyo this summer.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 05-Oct-04 at 21:41
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