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dodgyedgy from UK writes:
I've been using this device now for nearly a year and am super happy with it. I am in total agreement with the other posters here, firewire isnt some simple thing that works like a harddrive, it is a complex and totally new form of working, and as such has had teething difficulties - but these are now over with. I have never ever been let down by the O1x, it has thrown everything i could possibly imagine at it, and then some. Im not going to go into all the ins and outs of it, as the others have more than covered it.

it is sufficient to say that my workflow has increased, the speed at which i can create and express my musical ideas has increased and my setup is now so simple as to be fun to work with. I've used it in recording sessions, live and production scenarios and have yet to be un-impressed.

On the downside - there are some things that i would change, unbalanced outs need to be changed, and a few more outs would be good, along with a seperate headphone/monitor volume control. But that really is it.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 23-May-05 at 6:21
EJF a Professional user from USA writes:
The first few reviews on this device are out of date. Granted, driver development for a ground breaking product like the 01X was slow at first. The mLAN protocol that the 01X is based on required a great deal of R&D.

I myself am a Mac/Logic user and am using the 01X as the center piece of my home studio with ver. 1.04 of Yamaha's mLAN tools and actual OS level support for mLAN being built into Panther and Tiger by Apple themselves.

The 01X is an outstanding digital mixer (based on Yamaha's now famous 01V series). It is also a control surface (using the logic/mackie control standard - also supports DP, Cubase, and Sonor). The 01X is also a 2in/2out MIDI interface. The mLAN protocol relies on a single firewire cable to deliver MIDI and Audio making for a very neat studio environment.

Furthermore, the 01X includes Yamaha's DSP available in the digital mixer's FX sends. Many people choose to actually mixdown projects from their DAW through the 01X - saving CPU for virtual instruments and other plug-ins within the DAW.

And lastly, perhaps most importantly. Yamaha has provided a web page for all information and user-forums regarding the 01X. The most informed and experienced users post regularly (including Yamaha staff). Questions are sometimes answered within minutes and tutorials and help posts are near endless. At this point I couldn't imagine working without my 01X. It's truly the coolest piece of gear I have ever personally owned. And in appreciation to the folks that helped me out at 01Xray when getting started, I also read and answer questions on a regular basis.

posted Saturday, 21-May-05 at 11:38
Bart van Berkel from the Netherlands writes:
I've used the 01x for about two months now. Got it up and running in no-time (thanx to the 01xRay Forum). Got the newest drivers from yamaha site. I even use my 1800Mhz Pc for all other stuff to, and I can still use all 8 audio tracks with very little Latecy. The Pre-amps sound is pretty good for the amount of money you pay for it, and you can upgrade with better if you like (i88x). The people on this forum with all that negativity didn't give it a real try. They wanted a plug-and-play device, but that's impossible. With the 01x you become a musician, a producer, a mixer, IT-specialist. Failing with this gear is due to a lack of interests. Just my 2p.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 21-May-05 at 3:32
Dave Boulden a part-timer user from UK writes:
I'm rather bemused by the existing reviews here. The point no-one seems to realise is that mLan is not a simple point-to-point Firewire audio device, but rather a software patchable network of audio, MIDI and wordclock streams, os it is going to necessitate more effort on the configuration side than a simple multi-input audio interface. How many Firefaces or MOTU units can you daisy chain and re-route all audio, MIDI and wordclock simply by loading a saved configuration into a Graphical Patchbay?

I am successfully using an 01x and i88x which is also receiving 8 channels from an 01v via the i88x's ADAT input... giving 24 simultaneous inputs. Spend a bit longer with the config, follow the set-up guides carefully and you will be well rewarded with a very flexible and easy to use system.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 20-May-05 at 18:6
Marat a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I bought it back in January 2004. The unit initially had a bug in the 'Pitch Shift' software, which is included along with other 3 plug-ins, that took a lot of CPU on PC if you use it, but shortly this was fixed. Installation and configuration are not the easiest, but 'do-able'. I've seen some people complain about mis-configurations and some problems with installation and tuning, but personally I did not have any. There were few driver and firmware upgrades for the last year. Another issue I had with it - my graphic card (Radeon 7000 dual head) were taking priority and it affected performance (had occasional crackles; for a new buyer I would suggest Matrox cards). As soon as I fixed that - everything is smooth and shiny, I do not have any issues with 01X, "it does what it says on the tin". It has the same DSP as bigger its brothers (02R96, DM2000), but only 2 chips, hence it can handle only 28 channels (+ dynamics and eq on every channel). I bought it for GBP1000 (at that time) and it is fantastic value: audio/midi interface, controller and DSP-powered digital mixer. If I had a chance to go back in time to January 2004, I would still buy it.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 20-May-05 at 17:17
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