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munro a hobbyist user from Czech repuiblic writes:
Full feature professional gear!!! 8 tracks to work with and many "virtual" to store recorded material. It can record from 4 mono mic/line (balanced) inputs with gain control and 1 stereo line (unbalanced) simultaneously. Input D can be switched to Hi-Z for direct guitar recording. It is only limited by 44KHz sample rate (but can be set to 16 od 24 bit!).

Very good user interface, most functions accessible by 2 touches of the buttons. Sync via MIDI clock or MTC works good as a master as a slave.

It has internal/virtual cue mix, very useful during the recording. 2 internal FX processors can be set to various configurations (insert/master,pre/post fader send). Every track also contains aux bus which can be also pre or post fader and can be sent to AUX OUT and recording the AUX IN enables the possibility of using external FX units.

We are using the 788 for half-playback live performance. The click (each song can include really elaborate tempo map) is sent to drummer's headphones, stereo out to mix. Many newer HD recorders cannot send click separately to monitor/headphones output and not to master!

Excellent machine for the price.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 24-Feb-05 at 15:23
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