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laxman from nepal writes:

posted Wednesday, 24-Feb-10 at 23:33
sanjiv rai a part-timer user from united kingdom writes:
hi, i have used this software first time in my life and it sounds good to hear its east to used but its really difficult for me. please can u reply me detailly all how to record on cakewalk pro audio ?i try my best to record but its now working thank u very much hope u reply with your best answer.i have try all tthe i can but i am unable to record itt..

posted Sunday, 03-Feb-08 at 4:10
Sonia a hobbyist user from Mexico writes:
Hi everybody!

I'm Sonia from Mexico, this is the first time I use this program, a friend of mine recomended to me, but I have problems with it.

I installed in my computer, but when I try to use it, it works fine, but I can hear anything. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME????

It says that I have to choose an in-put and out-put midi something, but there isn't a list to choose anywhere!

Please, if you know how can I solve my prblem, please write to my e-mail: Thanks

posted Wednesday, 16-Mar-05 at 12:54
A hobbiest writer from Chicago writes:
I have one of the first versions of Cakewalk. In the 80s, I thought it to be pretty cool and it helped me make a lot of music. Version 1 came with some nifty little DOS utilities that worked nice. When the ProAudio series came out, I upgraded because you need to be able to change banks for your keyboards. This is because we went past 128 sounds, programs,pathes what ever. I could never get ProAudio to run right on my PC and it seemed that Cakewalk moved on to better versions so quickly that I could not afford to upgrade. I always wanted to use calkewalk because of the quote" ITS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD". My experience with Cakewalks Technical Support Department was less than satisfing. The Techs are OK, but its hard to wait on the phone for 45 minutes to 1 and 1/2 for help. I did at time get a tech that seemed to not even know as much as I so I just figured there must be a lot of bugs in the program. It seemed each upgrade was $250.00 or more but you could buy a new version for the same. This never made sense to me but remember I am just a lowly hobbiest. So One day I am walking around Best Buy and find a Program called Magix 2004. I bought it for $79.95 and took it home. I loaded it up and it ran perfect right away. It seems to have many of the features of all the Cakewalk products and I find it easy to use. I had one question for them but they seem to have a suck-o tech support department too. Anyway, This is the day and age where I am asked to take a pay cut, work harder, get less perks and now, unemployed. I can no longer shell out big bucks for software that is obsolete in a short time. I would love to try the products listed in on this site just to see who really is best. But I don't have the money. So I will leave this little note or example. ====>When I was in high school,the hot rod boys all said to drive a Chevy! Its the best and the fastest and they are cheap to build and are real chick magnets. I went to the drag strip and saw all of the Chevys run. But some guy comes out with a 1964 Ford Galaxie( the only Ford there) and cleaned everyones clock!!! I always kelpt my eye on the Fords then. I then drove Fords only to be made fun of by the GM groupies! But, for the last 35 years, I would see tons of GMs at the strip but they are never on the top. There was alway one top guy and he was driving a Ford. Bob Glidden, John Force ect. These guys hold all records and history. So why is it no one takes any of these records away from these Lone Rangers diving the Fords? ====== So, I feel the same about music software. Just because one company won some respect for being the industry standard does not mean they are better. Go try other things. Don't bend to those who ridicule you because you don't have the industry standard. ===I ware my Ford hat backwards!! Yes, thats so the Chevy boys can read the name of the car that just passed them. And just the same, a less liked name in software might make you a winner, not a follower! ========OK musicians, make some darn good music and I hope to hear you on the radio!!!!

Sincerely, Jazz337

posted Friday, 24-Oct-03 at 14:9
MC-K a part-timer user from Australia writes:
I've been running Cakewalk Pro Audio for about 3 years now, but have had a quick sample of the 9.0 release. I will be upgrading to it very shortly!!

Cakewalk is the ultimate IMO.. I use a Sound Blaster Live card, and started out mixing live instruments in audio format. Lately I've been doing more and more electronic music using the built in Soundfont support, and Vienna Soundfont Studios sampling software. Using Cakewalk I can easily build and play my own instruments that are fully MIDI controlled which is a bonus, as for the moment it has saved me from getting an external sequencer. I also use ReBirth to export 808/909 drum loops and TB303 bass loops into Cakewalk in audio format (sadly once this is done you lose MIDI control..) But once you've settled on your tempo it's all good! The ability of Cakewalk to sync perfectly with Audio eliminates any need for an external sequencer module for me, as I can use the Internal sampler in the SbLive for my synth sounds whilst I can hook up to my old TR-626 drum machine for programmed drum loops, if need be.

I haven't got many plugins, but this is something that I will be looking into in the future.. Once I get my Korg ER-1 I will be set..

Cakewalk is the master!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 01-May-01 at 12:31
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