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Atlnticmusi11787 a Professional user from United States writes:
This device is rubbish, it pops its clicks, the updater fails... using logic on a new Mac Pro...and yes focusrite knows they just don't care

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Thursday, 22-Feb-07 at 19:0
Eddy a Professional user from Holland writes:
I also have that clicks and pops in my windows XP, it's time that the boys from focusrite comes with a update because this is really fack up!!!!

posted Friday, 19-Jan-07 at 6:7
neural_rust a part-timer user from Finland writes:
so,I recieved saffire pro couple of days ago,and have to say that it has performed perfectly on my 1,5Ghz FujitsuSiemens laptop so far..i have tweaked the machine to music production,and allthou i only have 512mb of RAM at the moment,it's all been good..coming from presonus firepod,the build guality of the unit is major step up from the pod,allthou i was little suprised to see that i cannot set latency below 4msec(could run 1,5 on FPod)the performance it pretty much the same..i playd guitar rig at rehearsal and latency was no problem at for the time being i'm extremely happy with the unit..haven't been able to test the adat yet so no comment on those.also it's been out very little time and i believe that focusrite will update the driver and control panel,and that would make it even better(latencies's only at version 1 now)..

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Jan-07 at 4:43
Louis a hobbyist user from Paris (France) writes:
I also got clicks and pops with my saffire, even with the technical support's help (i'm using XP). I've tried different computer set up but nothing seems to work.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Thursday, 11-Jan-07 at 2:33
mike a Professional user from mike native writes:
It's Rubbish

Looks good out of the box, feels well made then it all goes wrong. Clicks pops crashes and cuts out in the middle of a set. Mine even has trouble communicating with focusrite's saffire control software and will say "connection to saffire lost please check firewire connection" even if I am listening to Itunes or using ableton through it. Also the latency through Ableton and Logic changes every-time the saffire is reconnected or my computer is turned off. Leading me to have to restart my system 4 or 5 times before a set to get it to work ok.

This is what technical support told me when I complained about my unit being unreliable

"Whilst I'm sure your problems are genuine, there are, as you are doubtless aware, lots of variables in any Mac or PC-based system that need careful examination to figure out why problems are occurring when they do occur"

Should that all apply to a straight out of the box powerbook G4 and a straight out of the box Saffire? No because there are not that many variables in such a set-up. (+ I have exactly the same problems with using it with my G5)

Don't get one of these go for something else. I had a tascam US122 before this and in two years it never crashed once. I only purchased this as I needed more outputs and would probably swap it back for the tasam (half the price of the saffire) if I had the chance. But as it is I would feel guilty selling the saffire to anyone and would rather keep a clean conscience and bin it.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Sunday, 31-Dec-06 at 5:28
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