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Kevin a Professional user from USA writes:
I have owned a plethora of recording devices and technology over the course of 25 years, and I've never worked on something so well thought-out and engineered for creativity.

I have used Roland VS-series (-880 and -1680) recorders since their inception, and this Korg beats them cold. I've always been one or two inputs short when tracking ensembles with the VS's, with the Korg I always seem to have a couple of inputs LEFTOVER.

Navigating the interface is quite easy after acclimation, forget paging through menus as most of the moving you will need to do incorporates REAL buttons, and the Click-Point mouse-like device is excellent.

I have used the D3200 as a songwriting tool, ala my old 4-track, as well as in live and "studio" recording. I've never had a glitch or hickup with the operating system or hard-drive, whether I was working with 1 track or 32.

The onboard effects are useful and the routing and selection are very flexible. While they aren't what I would call "high-end", ie: TC Electronics reverbs, they do sound pretty well with a minimum of tweaking.

Speaking of tweaking - the Knob Matrix is SWEET. The array of 16 knobs are assigned to parameters for most all functions including EQ, FX tweaks, panning, which means that you will spend a minimum of time finding "virtual" knobs with a mouse pointer. Within a short time, the knob functions and placement become second-nature.

Tracking, mixing, mastering, burning and archiving can all be realistically performed with the D3200. I've worked with DAWs that had all kinds of "capability", but were lacking in practical application and ease of use. The D3200 keeps Korg's BIG promises.

Alas, there are a couple of shortcomings, however minor. The LCD screen is way too small for a machine with this kind of capability. The contrast is fully adjustable, but it's small and it's greyscale and it can be very hard to see in any conditions. I'd also love to see balanced 1/4" TRS connectors for the Monitor and Aux outputs.

Sonically, the D3200 kicks butt. If you can get around the tiny screen, you can do anything with this "studio" that your recording space and microphones allow.

posted Friday, 23-Nov-07 at 20:28
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