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me again a Professional user from timbuk two writes:
well, I reviewed this unit a while back, but I recently decided to ake ownership of a PCM-81 for myself... I began to miss it when I stopped working at the studio I was referring to in the previous review... I am now of a new disposition: this thing is indispensible if your m.o. has anything to do with the term ambient. period. the resonator algos are to die for, especially when coupled with the lush reverbs on offer... editing is a breeze once you get the hang of it, fairly intuitive once you understand a few basic things about the unit. definitely worth a read of the "algorithms" section for a better understanding of what you're doing when you tweak certain parameters... anyway, to make a long story short... I used to see this unit as a good studio piece... I now find it indespensible for my own creative process...

posted Friday, 12-Jul-02 at 23:6
Spectralab a Professional user from Canada writes:
OK, I will say right off the bat that one thing that has always bugged me about Lexicon units is the lack of effects-routing capability in most of them. That said, they make up for it ten-fold in the sound-quality department. This unit offers some excellent reverbs, delays, choruses, flange, etc... it also has two banks of killer pitch effects, everything from your standard darth-vader/mickey-mouse stuff to incredibly realistic harmonizers that do a great job making a single lead vocal sound like a full group of back-up singers. Lots of cool Post-Production oriented sound-effect type presets, and the FX card we got for the one in the studio also adds some nice goodies like resonant LP/BP/HP filters... there are like 100 possible parameters for every preset if you're in "pro" editing mode, but "go" mode gives you a smaller selection of more essential parameters for faster tweaking. Intense programmers and sound-designers might be disappointed with the preset-oriented nature of this unit (another thing that bugs me about Lexicon - that they're a little cocky about their presets), but for a quick fix in the studio it's great. And even the presets still have a lot to offer people into creating stranger sounds - high levels of sound quality, for instance. At the asking price, this won't be for everyone, but it it nonetheless a very professional piece of machinery, and my qualms about it relate more to my personal uses for gear than to real-world practicality. You couldn't find anything more practical for a high-end processor in most studios.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 12-Aug-00 at 4:18
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