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MCK a Professional user from Australia writes:
I began using Cakewalk 7 and absolutely loved it's stability and intuitive interface. Then recently seeking an upgrade I moved onto Cakewalk version 9... I liked the new look, and the implementation of MIDI effects as I use my SbLive card+Vienna Soundfont studios as my main sampler. I found 9.0 to be FULL OF BUGS on my system anyway! When working solely on MIDI files the problems were few, but work on something with AUDIO as well as MIDI and it would crash REALLY BADLY, as in having to re-boot... I tried SONAR XL only to find the same problems...

It was looking like Cakewalk 7 would be my mainstay... Until I finally tried a copy of Cakewalk 8.. And so far I'm very happy with it, stable as a rock and has all the MIDI effects that version 9 had, with basically the same AUDIO section as 7.

A few friends have similar problems and run the same version of Windows and all have Sblive cards, so we assume it's an incompatability issue or something.. But for now, Cakewalk 8 ROCKS!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 22-May-01 at 11:4
Ady from france writes:
I've been using PA8 for 2 years now and NEVER ever had any problem with it. Fast, intuitive and user friendly. I'm using it with a Darla and a P3 450mhz dedicated to music. I guess that's why it's been so stable so far. So if you wanna make serious music use dedicated equipment and stop complaining.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 22-May-01 at 1:42
Ten a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Well I started with a what looks like a very Cubase clone, called Magix. From there I went to Cakewalk's Pro Audio 8. I think we can all admit that if you're doing music on a PC, you are asking for some troubles. I cannot possibly count the bugs in 8. It's terrible. Although I still use it for very basic audio editing, just 'cause I'm used to the interface now, I switched to Cubase 5.0 I will not compare the two, since Cubase 5.0 came out much later then Pro Audio 8. I would probably be more fair to compare it to Pro Audio 9, or Sonar, but I don't have either of those... stay away from 8 though.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Monday, 21-May-01 at 20:39
Sean a part-timer user from US writes:
Well I've been the route Niko has been. Started out using Cakewalk back in 3.0. and stay with them for a bit, but they seemed to become worse with each release. Due to lack of perfomance and stability, I began Seeking other routes. Then after some serious file corruption and lost work from it's buggy save function, I quit using it all together and took every moment to bash cakewalk and it's tech suppport for walking away from this issue. Now on to the search for a new tool.

First Came VST. Loved the Low Latency of the ASIO drivers, and VST plugins were great, and pretty damn quick. But way to unstable. But i stuck with it for quite a bit.

Went to Logic, too Convoluted, and never performed like it promised with my MOTU hardware. And The Patches never seem to address my e-mails even though I talked with them at least once a week for about 2 months.

I've tried also various shareware and others of the likes. But i stuck with the Buggy world of cubase.

Then Cakewalk Version 9 came out. And I decided to give them one more try. The upgrade price was worth just to see if it would do anything better. And It ROCKED! it's Stable, Fast, and Rock Solid. There are a few Quirks with it's mixing environment, but everything else is how I liked It and missed. The Cut and Paste is the best in any of the Audio programs, and being able to create linked Event.. Wondergul.. I missed it so much. All the things in the editor that i wished Cubase had, I now have again. I din't know why people complain about the interface and the editor, and that it takes longer. It's very straigtforward and Functional. Cut my editing time in half.

But you know what, use what your comfortable with. But When I'm done with all my cubase projects. I thinking of coming back to Cakewalk.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 13-Dec-99 at 19:43
chertzy writes:
It's you. We all know that Logic and DP look very pretty, and are probably more powerful than CW, but we also know that CW is the most reliable on PC (I have a copy of VST sitting in a drawer to attest to that) and the easiest to pick up and use. A toy it's not.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 06-Dec-99 at 5:55
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