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Kevin from USA writes:
The Yamaha O1v is for someone who cares more about digital features than sound quality, I bought one of these machines and I couldn't believe how much it decreased the sound quality your big fat sounds will immediately become your tiny shrunken sounds all your mixes will become immediately noticable as being small and to me it's not worth the money for a little digital automation in exchange for sound quality plus I kept getting a screen about my digital sample rate was always not the same as the O1v everytime I turned it on and if you ever played a mix of 100 songs recorded through different mixers I will always tell which one was recorded on the O1v which is not good.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Monday, 08-Dec-03 at 6:50
sanjib daimary a Professional user from india writes:
i want secondhand o1v mixing conaole

posted Thursday, 04-Dec-03 at 12:59
roxstar a Professional user from detroit writes:
Bought my 01V about 3 years ago.. and yea, I have the hissing problem too, but I need to get it serviced.. my mixer is on almost every day. I don't know what some people are talking about when they say it sounds cold. My friend has ad his 1604 mackie for about 5 years now, he used my mixing board for the first time a month ago, and LOVES the 01V. It's such a shame that people write bad reviews about a product and they don't even know how to use it. There's too many of you that don't read the manuel. The O1v is a great mixing board, that's why it's considered a classic already. To all that are considering this mixer, I urge you to try it, you will not be dissappointed.

posted Saturday, 29-Nov-03 at 1:30
amgshaffer from USA writes:
Personally, my 01V is the most treasured piece of equipment in my studio. It is the heart of my setup and it does a genuinely professional job.

By the way, some of the posts referred to it as a 16-bit board, others as a 32-bit board. It is neither. Internally, signals are processed at 32-bit. But the A/D and D/A converters are 20-bit. I don't know where the 16-bit comments are coming from.

I will say that I have had absolutely no problem with "thin" sounds. My sound is thick, but crisp, and clean. When it is called for, I get can really get the music to punch. Just a beautiful sounding board.

If you have an analog board and are thinking of switching to a digital board, the Yamaha 01V is a great place to start. However the 01V will grow with you. It isn't a starter mixer. I know professional studios that use them.

Anyway, in case you can't tell, I am sold. Next for me? An 01V96.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 21-Sep-03 at 9:9
banana men a Professional user from us writes:
Just simply an absolutely fantastic mixer. You can actually take this mixer to a live gig and without any outboard gear have a four band parametric EQ on every channel, aux, eff. send, main outs. The same goes for the dynamics section of gates and compressors. Plus two professional effects processors, plus mute groups, scene memory... the list is phenomenal. Try to figure what the cost would be to purchase all of the outboard gear that is included in this mixer, then try to figure how much time and effort it takes to carry/set-up/patch-in all of these processors and you start to realize this mixer really is something special. BUT here's the real thing: The Yamaha 01V sounds fantastic! You of course do need to become intimately comfortable with understanding how to use the 01V, But I think with some time one really wonders how you EVER got along without this technology. I do think the 01V is slanted toward the live-use arena (limited digital outputs) whereas the 02r and 03d are pointed to recording.(no EQ or dynamics processing on the aux channels-at least on the 02R). Cudos Yamaha, thanks for some great,great products

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 14-Sep-02 at 22:29
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