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Ryan a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I worked for a year in a professional studio with an SSL 4000G+, DDA DMR-12, and Yamaha 02R, and I have to say that for the money, the 01v is GOLD. For setting up a home studio it just can't be beat. You get 12 mic pres, 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics on 16 channels, and with the additional cards it's easy to interface with any DAW/ADAT/DA-x8! The onboard effects are OK, but I find it an advantage to NOT be paying extra money for "Lexicon-quality" effects. Instead, you can, for under $1000, get a great digital mixer that will cover the needs of MOST hobbyists and home artists. And the additional effects are yours to choose. If you think it is a little limited, then you probably need an 02R, or maybe a Protools setup. If you think is sounds cold, then buy some tube gear, or even better, some tube simulator effects. Analog mixers won't warm up your sound, not unless it contains tube circuitry (which SSL and DDA consoles don't), and tube mixers aren't cheap.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Mar-02 at 10:36
algorythm a Professional user from USA writes:
I use Motu DP3 and an O1V mixer. i have to say with any piece of equipment whether it be acoustical or digital the difference is in the person controlling the equipment. Its like saying stevie Wonder sounds better on a korg then on a yamaha.Or Bob marley couldnt play his songs unless he had a fender in his hands. no matter what stevie or bob plays on hes gonna sound good. Its all about exploring your equipment and maximizing it to its fullest. so called "producers" rely to heavily on what is built in to the systems they buy instead of using there own creativity to make the sound happen. spend more time criticizing your own talent level and less time blaming your equipment for lack of talent and you might just see the difference. Yamaha makes a quailty mixer and was one of the first companies if not the first to make Digi mixer that was under $5K if it wasnt for them driving the market proce down with well built equipment at affordable prices most of you clowns hollering about how this mixer is better than that mixer wouldnt even be able to describe what one looked like because no one except major studios would be able to afford one.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 20-Feb-02 at 13:13
Raffaello a part-timer user from Belgium writes:
I have bought a second 01V (second hand) and I have a problem with it. It sometimes switches itself off and back on??! And sometimes the screen turnes blanc??! Can anybody tell me what the problem is and how I can fix it?? ,'-( Musical greetings!

posted Wednesday, 20-Feb-02 at 11:27
Brev a Professional user from US writes:
I think people are from different planets. Every client I encounter wants Pro tools Pro tools Pro tools. An engineer who has who has his own studio whether its a crappy mixer a mackie or a O1v knows how to get great mixes on any board once they know their way around it. If you can pick up a guitar and play differently depending on the guitar is one better than the other? No it's just what kind of vibe you want unless the guitar is broken and it's unplayable or horribly out of tune.I think you folks who give this excuse: ( "this mixer is cold sterile, it's only 20 bit,blah, blah whine, whine) don't hear very well . What? Are you all working for Lucas film only Working with the Higest caliber digital machines mixing the Soundtrack for Star wars Episode 2 On a daily Basis? You people hear the digital figures on paper, not the sound from the mixer. If a producer mixes their hits on an 01v and everbody buys the cd does the mixer sound cold and sterile? Maybe, but the songs are hits. Isn't that the idea? If the same producer uses an SSl is that make them great now? What if nobody buys that cd does that engineer or producer need to buy a Mackie? Or did people not want to hear the cd cause the songs just stunk? I guess the folks who think an 01v is crap must all have SSl consoles or Over quality boards in their living rooms and are writng hits everyday, and Driving Ferraris! I like my 01vs and I like my Pro tools and I like my other consoles. Like different guitars, some hard to play, some easy. Some almost play themselves. some of my guitars get feed back without using an amp! Almost. The point is, they all inspire me differently. I use each mixer to the fullest. When all I could afford was an entry level mixer I did my best and got great mixes. And to you who say that you've noticed that people who buy the 01v have not experinced a professional mixer obviously have too much time on your hands hanging out at the music store watching if customers buying 01vs are proffesional audio engineers or not. Pleas go home.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 23-Jan-02 at 4:11
hans writes:
I agree, its great sounding, crisp clear, and the effects are a fine addition and very usable.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 21-Jan-02 at 20:53
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