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Big K a hobbyist user from usa writes:
The O1V is worth about $700 new I mean the sound cold and small and thin and the effects are near garbage plus theres no real external Fx return inputs onboard you have to spend more money on this thing and by that time you have bought something else, and there's the digital error message saying you have to convert the sample rate everytime you cut on your other digital recorder and then theres those silly little moving faders every time you push a button getting in your way until they finally stop working and then there's now the hissing noise I hear folks talking about they hear I mean you get high quality design with poor quality sound period! I had one and after I took it and hooked it up to my system I knew right at that moment that my musical compositions would never be the same I took a horrendous blow to the phat sound of pure analog sound quality for anyone who wishes ro sacrifice a big and wide for small and thin digital mixing will end up putting out music it takes tons of equiptment and dollars to make sound like a normal analog mixing board, I had the 01v and took it back and bought a 16 channel mackie VLZ board, then I felt like heaven once again opened up it doors tormented souls who dealt with a 01v.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Saturday, 24-Nov-01 at 1:30
pa groove from the netherlands writes:
Well. I think this is a normal and proffesional tool to make good music on. It's like having an entire studio on you desk and that saves a lot of space. I found the memory's and automation a gift compared to normal analog.

The only bad point I can think of is that with digital recording you have to be very carefull with the levels. It is easy to clip.

And one question for the people whose faders died: Have you looked in the memory menu if the safe channel function was accidentily switched on?

I too was thinking that a fader died but after searching a little while I found that this option sets a fader in a safe mode so that when you change memories the fader settings still remain the same. Just an Idea.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 20-Nov-01 at 14:44
Jammin a Professional user from USA writes:
Damn hissing channels problem just crept up on me too, during a session no less. This isn't just hum or noise like someone suggested - it's a loud digital hiss in some channels, regardless of whatever signal is coming in. The worst thing is Yamaha won't even acknowledge it and my warranty just expired...ahhhhh! Otherwise an OK desk for the money if you are on a budget, but I am very upset about this new problem.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Friday, 16-Nov-01 at 3:24
Komplex a hobbyist user from UK writes:
My first owned mixer and a digital one at that. Can't say I get turned on by the features, but I haven't pushed thing thing yet.

I wish there was a suitable support for this within Emagics Sounddiver and LAP_.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Oct-01 at 17:6
The Truth a part-timer user from UK writes:
After reading some of the comments made about this desk, I have begun to question the sanity of some people who buy music gear, what analogue desk of a similar price offers similar features, I bet most of you same people complaining about the 'cold' sound use digital multitrackers, or software plug-ins or VA synths! They are digital 2 u know! If you've got a completely analogue pathway, then digital might sound a bit 'cold' or more accurately unflattering, the great benefit of analogue is that it flatters sounds in a nice way, digital tends to be very clinical and accurate, couple this with a more audible 'top-end' and you can make it sound horrible, but you can make an anologue desk sound disgusting too, and probably much more quickly. But for under a £1000 I couldn't have asked for a better spec'd machine for my needs, bottom line this is a pro desk, it's a stripped down ( in terms of inputs and outputs, but not a/d d/a converters and e.q algorithms ) version of the O2r which has been an accepted pro standard desk for years. I have encountered the 'hissing channels' phenomenon some have spoken about, maybe some of you thought that by buying digital things like noise level would become old news, but the fact is the desk uses analogue pre-amps and so therefore the lovely 'warm' background noise is still present! Pay attention to the input levels of your signals and use your pad switch sensibly and the noise should be almost in-audible. I don't know maybe I just happened to get an extra quiet desk! As far as I know this desk is substantially quieter than any sub £5000 analogue desk I have come across. I also on a mackie 1604vlz which I use as a submixer, the mackie certainly sounds different but I would only part with the O1v if I could get a similar spec dig. mixer with more outputs. The O1v is actually part of my creative process, the scene recalls mean that every project I work on has its own specific EQ,Dynamics, effects and automation and I dont know whether I would trade these benefits for a subjectively 'warmer' sound. It dosn't sound as nice as TL audios VTC desk or a Neve! but hey for the price I paid and more importantly the sound quality I'm happy.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 16-Jul-01 at 9:13
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